Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hanging out in the skate park

Hi! This has to be one of the most unusual places I've breastfed Noah! Charlie's been practising his drop-ins and ollies on his scooter and learning from the bigger kids. He hasn't yet realised that he's the only one wearing a helmet, and until he's aware of his street cred so it shall remain.
We've been to 3 skate parks in dublin in the last few weeks, and are really impressed with both the kids there and the parks themselves. Hoping to start a life-long interest in some outdoor activity and this is a great commitment-free thing to try. Check out your local skate park, good for blades, bikes, boards and scooters.
Or maybe you already do?
Some hot dads there too!
And I've ordered the stuff online to do my own shellac manicures, otherwise known as the 2 week manicure. If it works it'll save me a fortune. These nails are just normal polish but I added loose glitter and topcoat on one mail.
How's the non-summer going for you all?!
Niamh x

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