Friday, 13 July 2012

My first fondant cake and blather

I've evolved as a person, not only do I now eat cake, I make it too. This week has been all about Tinkerbell. I think I could apply her make-up in my sleep, so well do I know her face. My friend's daughter is 4 this week and I offered to do her cake and cupcakes.
Still blogging from damn iPod touch, does the typing ever get easier? So I'll keep this short.
We're going to the premiere of The Lorax tomorrow, can't wait! I recently bought The Cat in the Hat on DVD and it's one of the few films that makes me laugh out loud. We're big Dr Seuss fans here, actually I'd love to do a Dr Seuss cake...
Got a fun weekend ahead: cinema, party and picnic- weather permitting. Before all that I've to go buy another 4kg of icing sugar, there are gonna be some hyped-up kids tomorrow!
Enjoy your weekend everyone, it's nearly prosecco o'clock here, how bout you?

Ps I'm proud to say i survived the last 5 days and nights lone parenting, with a little help from my great friends and family. The "village to raise a child" thing is so true.


  1. Fantastic cake! Bet there was one very happy little girl! Colette

  2. Wowza, I'm impressed!

  3. Amazing cake Niamh! I love the book edges in gold, the little toadstool, all the detail on tinkerbell & all the ivy. It's a fab cake, I bet the little girl was over the moon!


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