Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Perfect Red Lipstick (for me!)

Blurry, late evening light on mac camera, sorry!

I've always wanted a great red lipstick that I can keep in my pocket and slick on to jazz up a normal outfit. See my favourite style icons Marilyn and Gwen Stefani for how red lippie (hate that word!) looks great with a casual outfit:

Minus the hair and the pointy boobs it'd be a great outfit today

Ok, it's very thought-out, but still love the baggy pants and runners. 

And just one more of the fabulous Gwen, in case the blow-dry above made you think she'd made too much of an effort:

Though I'd be in Converse, not heels

In the past red lipsticks I've bought have been either reeking of grease-paint, leaving me with a blurring lipline that seeps outwards, so I'm like a garish clown. Or they've been the wrong shade, rendering my teeth a jaundiced shade of mank. So I was surprised and then delighted at how well this shade suits me:
Enter Rose Passion by Rimmel Moisture Stay (No. 160) RRP about 6-7 euro (sorry, I forget)

Unfortunately, I forgot about my animal-rights boycott of Rimmel (ditto Benefit and L'Oreal) which I'd been upholding for the last year or so. They do test on animals. But I only remembered afterwards, and will use the lipstick with a murky conscience, and am resuming my boycott as of now. (There was also that packet of Smarties I bought Charlie before I remembered my Nestle boycott, but we do our best.)

Rose Passion by Rimmel
While the name "Rose Passion" and the colour in the tube look quite puce-y (that's pinky, not puke-y) this is a true red on the lips. It has the faintest hint of a fuschia colour to it, which is what I'm guessing makes it a flattering tone for my colouring.

One drawback is the drying feeling I get when it's on. Despite the "Moisture" in the range name, it is not. Not so bad that I'd need a balm under or over, but I find I'm licking my lips now as they feel a bit dry. Just a bit. Another negative is the manky "lipstick" smell, for the price you'd hope to get a little whiff of flowers or some sh*t.

It's very pigmented, and the dryness means that it locks really well to your lips, even when the initial gloss has worn off it's still a great red lip. The picture below is about an hour after applying it, and after eating too. See how it's still there? That's unusual. Well for the lipsticks I buy anyway.
Another great point is that it doesn't "bleed" like others can, as it's dry I suppose.

Another drawback is the cheapo purple plastic casing. I hate it. It's light and flimsy and not-at-all chic. I bought a Catrice lipstick the other day for 4 euro something and it's in a fab packaging, heavy cold metal, resounding click, the type of thing I open and close twice each time just to hear the click. Ok, I'm weird like that. Also the Catrice one smells of marshmallows.

Catrice Corallicious Pink
When it comes to the rest of the face I'd keep it really simple. Today I just wore foundation, black mascara (ok, about 4 coats of it) and the lipstick. I didn't even do my brows! Shock! Horror! I haven't done them since I cut my fringe, no point, and also I tend to look drag-gy when I overdo the make-up. Drag-gy or druggy, one or the other alternately. Summer calls for less make-up anyway. I'm dying to do the fully "nude" face with red lipstick look, like this:

Tilda Swinton

She's still wearing a full face of make-up, and a LOT of blusher, but I love the naked eyes look. Maybe tomorrow. There's something to be said for embracing your blonde eyelashes. 

Any-hoo (hate that too!) enough blather. Tomorrow I'll be back extolling the virtues of vegetarianism or some other worthy cause, just to temper all this fluff.
Hope yiz're all well and enjoying the rain!

Nee x

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