Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nails of the week (month)

Hope you're enjoying the sun! After our veggie fry breakfast today the babas and I took the bus into town, Charlie's scooter in tow. We saw some great free-runners at Central Bank and buskers in crown alley, one of whom clapped his hand to his mouth and apologised for dropping the "f bomb" during a song!
Met my sister during her lunch-break, bought another Bakugan (thanks tv ads), played in the sun, wandered down Moore St to the Paris cafe, stuffed ourselves with fruit tarts and I'd a sneaky glass of rose. Wandered back to the bus on Dame St. I say "wandered" because with two kids you don't "go" anywhere. You have a vague idea of the direction you need, but there are so many amazing things to see and do, you can forget about getting anywhere in any sort of pre-determined time-frame. And you know that's what I need right now, people to remind me to stop and smell the roses a bit more. I swear it costs me a fiver in busker's fees every time I step onto Henry St.
So to the nails, I'm back "into" them again, and just "had to have" a turquoise and a new coral. I got them in Salon Services but i think Boots do them among other places. The turquoise is China Glaze's neon range which apparently look fab under uv lights. In the absence of a nightclub to test this out it'll have to be the toilets in Liffey Valley the next time I'm there. The coral is OPI . I did a crap lightening bolt with a silver glitter polish on my ring fingers which Barry pointed out look like cartoon sperm.
The cuticle oil is my favourite buy of this lot, it smells divine, and only cost 1.79.
What colour are you sporting? Where do you stand on nail art? Obviously good nail art, not sperm representations. Well, I've just been wee'd on, while breastfeeding, oh the glamour. so I must dash.
Niamh x

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