Sunday, 5 August 2012

Second fondant cake: Buzz

For my cute nephew's fourth birthday I made him a Buzz Lightyear cake. Chocolate sponge layers filled with chocolate ganache, covered in mango flavoured buttercream and decorated with fondant and sweets. I also made mini space cupcakes which were perfect for the party bags.
I had so much fun researching and making the cake, especially the space background.
For anyone interested on trying it yourself, the spaceship shape is made really easily by cutting off two corners of the rectangular cake and placing them to the sides for the engines. I didn't get the buttercream perfectly smooth and it showed through the fondant, should have done a second layer of buttercream, but you live and learn.
The space background was fondant marbled with blue and black, pink and blue sugar and silver and white pearls. I dyed fondant yellow and sprayed some gold for the stars. The Buzz head is a toy, a bubble bath lid I think.
The birthday boy and his family loved it, and there's even more for tomorrow!
I just need more occasions to bake for! What's your ultimate design party cake? An electric guitar? A vintage car? The cat in the hat? Alice in Wonderland? Please leave the details in the comments below, on 22 August I'll pick one and bake it and feature it on the blog! The crazier the better!


  1. A pair of ballet slippers! Well that's what my 3 year old wants as her ideal cake!

  2. I've been checking in for the last month with ever increasing despair - where have you gone Niamh? I'm sure I'm not the only one missing your posts.


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