Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hi, I've been neglecting this blog a lot of late, and just wanted to let you know I'm still here!
Some lovely comments from people wondering where I am, thank you. And there are still many checking in with The Mama's Hip every day, so I felt I needed to explain what's going on!
I started the blog a year ago in order to "find my tribe", and it worked- I did! Not only have I made new friends and become part of a community of like-minded parents, I have also learned a lot by watching older families, the tribal elders, if you will. They have put my mind at rest that I'm on the right path and my parenting choices will pay off. Way better seeing it for real than just taking a book author's word for it! I'm so grateful for the days we've spent with those families, soaking up the love, and I've come away in awe of what a bond can be made through respectful parenting. Thank you, if you're reading this ladies.
I'm an "all or nothing" kind of girl, driven to follow one passion after another. If something feels too much like "work" and I'm lukewarm about it, it'll be dropped like a dirty nappy. In reading other mom's blogs, I realised I tended to share a lot more photos and details of my children, part of my passion for sharing my excitement in being their mother, but still too much detail for our comfort in a public blog, so that has been a major factor.
I love fashion and beauty, and follow some really inspirational bloggers, but feel that I can't compete with their dedication and overall professionalism, after all many of them are being paid/sponsored for their blog posts.
Lastly, the inevitable money issue. I was lucky enough to secure a few sponsors for blog posts, but many rejections came my way too. Offers of invites to a couple of product launches weren't products I'd use/endorse, so I declined. Plus it just felt a bit tacky and not 'me', and not what I'd set out to do.
In short, it got to feel a lot like "work" but without the pay check.
I really miss the writing side of it though, the creativity and self-expression, having my little soapbox on which to expound my views. I don't miss the negative comments though, and just as a positive comment would make my day, a negative one would ruin it too. Maybe pathetic of me, but I'm nothing if not honest.
I don't really know where that leaves The Mama's Hip, I could pop up the odd nails/ fashion post, or write about a day out etc, but I'm not sure I need to right now. That may sound weird, but I'm so immersed in my day-to-day life, this week I went out twice without brushing my hair for example, and just keeping on top of things in the real world is enough for now.
I've toyed with a few ideas for the blog, where to go with it in the future etc, but would really love to hear what you think. Apart from the few searching for "breastfeeding tits" and finding my blog, there must be some more looking for some other inspiration!
I'm all ears!
Niamh x


  1. I loved reading your parenting journey Niamh and I do miss your posts on those topics. I am not into fashion at all, never read about it, rarely paint my nails orcwear make up so those posts were not as relevant for me. You have to do what you feel best, but I will miss your musings if you stop and I think yiu were very inspiring. There have been days I've wondered where you,ve been in blog world,at least now I know!, so glad you've found your tribe. Mary

  2. Sounds like a break will do you good. I sometimes write posts that I don't publish, simply for the therapy of getting something written down.

    But if you find you are so affected by the negative posts that they are stopping you posting, why not just turn off commenting? That way you could post and not have to worry about the negatives coming in. You'd be writing just for you. (Well and for those of us who enjoy reading your posts!)

  3. Glad you have found your tribe, life is so much easier even with one like minded parent I have found. I like reading about your parenting exploits I like fashion but to be honest it don't like me.
    If you stop writing I will also miss your musings on life, but then when you are busy living it it is hard to find time to write about it!
    Thank you for sharing with us what you have already shared.

  4. I'm so glad to see you back Niamh, your posts always make an impact on me and stay with me. I love reading your reflections on parenting - I don't always agree with every opinion you share but that is part of what I like about your blog, it makes me question my own principles when it comes to raising my boys which I believe is a good thing. Some mothers do not want their principles and parenting choices challenged and it makes them feel uncomfortable, sometimes it is even painful. That is why you get negative comments from time to time. You've challenged someone to question themselves and the decisions they've made as a parent and they are unable to deal with the feelings that result so it comes out in defensiveness and criticism. I know it must be awful and I would be like you, a negative comment would keep me awake at night for ages! But it's also a sign of the influence you have on people. Your blog is very special and I hope you will be able to keep it going and find pleasure in it again. x
    PS, like the other commenters (is that a word?) I am not much of a follower of fashion, but I do like that aspect of your blog as well. I think it's great for people to see that a tandemfeeding, stay at home mother of two can also be fashionable, sexy and 'hip'!


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