Tuesday, 9 October 2012

a day in the life

apologies, there is something wrong with the left shift button, and to use the right one is too confusing, so this post is sans caps i'm afraid, though i'm still pressing the left shift out of habit.

thought i'd post a typical day in the life for us these days, a stay-at-home day, not a go-out day. yesterday was a beautiful one, not one, not two but three social engagements, all fun and frolics, but also rush-hour traffic. so today we didn't touch the car, and it was thankfully sunny, so we walked everywhere.
bear in mind i don't wear a watch and barely know what month it is these days, let alone what time of day it is, so all times are approximate.

midnight to 9.30am - woken intermittently by handsome babies wanting snuggles, milk or the duvet to be put back up on them
9.30am woken by handsome husband with scrambled eggs and toast for us all, and a cup of tea.
ate in bed, oh we'll rue the crumbs later, then babies watched barney on the laptop to distract them from the fact that milk machine was going to have a shower.
milk machine spent way too long in the shower, knowing full well it was her only few minutes alone with her thoughts all day, and handsome husband was itching to get ready for work.
10.15am husband left, babies still engrossed by barney, mama got ages to get ready, dressed, made-up and even blowdried fringe.
changed nappies, argued about would we get to the library playgroup which starts at 11. baby senior chose to watch more barney and swore he wouldn't prefer the playgroup
11.20am leave house, all dressed, library books in bag, baby in sling, boy on scooter, heading to the shops for strong coffee fix and lured boy with promises of treats for watching the dvd later.
11.30am standing outside centra, eating the most delicious strawberry and rhubarb pastry and drinking coffee with three sugars. boy unwrapping spiderman pez. mother wondering how a simple treat has turned into a stocking filler of considerable expense, plus the spare pez sweets she offered too.
11.40am spent ages looking at and discussing halloween decorations in the local hardware shop. baby likes them too.
11.50am walking slowly up the road to the library, coerced boy by saying we'll borrow a dvd, he just wanted to go home to watch more barney.
11.55am eating blackberries from someone's front garden.
12pm get to library to see babies and parents leaving after playgroup. boy regrets the extra barney minutes and gives out to mother that he missed all the fun.
12.10pm mother refuses to stand helping boy try to play antiquated video games on antiquated pc, tells him to find a book or a dvd. mother takes arching baby out of sling, puts him down looking at an inane baby book and disappears around the corner looking for a dvd for herself
12.11pm mother is called back by baby, who is of course too young to stay put alone in a library for more than 30 seconds. stranger tells mother "at least he can call you" mother regrets coaching baby in saying "mama"
12.12pm boy picks first batman dvd he lays his eyes on
12.13pm mother peruses the fashion and beauty books (10 of which she has read 4 already) and chooses 4 more, while being whinged at by impatient boy who wants to watch batman
1pm home. mother realises she is very hungry, and decides to make soup
1.01pm no clean pots, it'll have to be roast vegetables instead.
1.30pm Boy watches batman eating more pez, baby watches barney, mother makes carrot cake with the two leftover carrots, not measuring any ingredients, and adding the new unknown of polenta.
2pm eating parsnip chips with ketchup, mother reading mary portas's "how to shop"book and wondering was it worth carrying home. no.
3pm baby sleeping, mother has removed the snots from his nostrils that were annoying her since yesterday, she goes out to ice the carrot cake.
4pm mother has eaten too much carrot cake, polenta worked out fine, baby wakes up, mother puts on monsters inc for the boys and makes a cup of decaf coffee.
4.30pm all eating crisps. even the baby. mother has read two style books and has moved onto fashion blogs online.
4.50pm taking photos of them tandem feeding on the laptop.
5pm trying to take photos of our new garden gnome for this blog post.
5.10pm talking about making pasta for dinner on phone with husband, with no intention of actually getting up to do so.
also there was laundry, changing nappies, texting friend, time on facebook, more breastfeeding, a little eye-shadow application, clearing last nights dinner plates off the dining table, spilt red wine on the good table runner, reading the baby a book while i sat on the toilet, and many more moments i can't recall.
so what did i do today?
nothing much

i will make some pasta, to eat with the leftover roast veg, balsamic and cheese, i will hopefully get to watch the downton abbey episode we recorded on sunday, and i'll now catch up with the handsome man who just walked through the door, and listen to a few more tenacious d tracks tonight in prep for our upcoming date with destiny!!!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day Niamh

  2. hi mary, thanks, it was a great day, and days like these will hopefully be the norm if we end up homeschooling! no sitting in traffic for 2 hours each day, sounds like heaven! hope your crew are well x


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