Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hair and Make-up of the day

Barbara Daly for Tesco foundation, Rimmel eyebrow pencil, Urban Decay's Naked palette Half-Baked on eyelids, some random dusky pink blusher, Lancome Hypnose mascara in black, cheap nude lipstick with Juicy Tube in Fraise on top. Sin e. (That's it for non-Irish speakers) Probably could have done with some concealer on the inner eye shadows!

Took about 3 mins, and makes me feel 100% ready to face the day. Oh also, underneath, I've stopped wearing normal moisturiser/vitamin E oil on my face, as it was causing breakouts, so I use Nivea Radiance boosting moisturiser (about 5e in all supermarkets/pharmacies). It's got zero moisturising properties, just acts like a primer, giving a very subtle gold shimmer and a mattifying property for the foundation to stick to. This prevents oiliness coming through, and gives a lift to the foundation. You could mix them together first. Nivea's RBM is cheaper than Benefit's Moonbeam, and does just the same trick, you could dot it along cheekbones for a  highlighter/on inner eyes for an illuminator etc. 

Hair. Sod the "brushing out the rat's nest" thing, this is day two of the mega back-brushing, and it works fine in a ponytail. I gathered it all up, smoothed it over with a brush, secured with a black bobbin, and added a silk flower (1.50e for 2 in Penney's). I trimmed my fringe the other day, nearly into a Betty Paige U-shape, but bottled out and just did ye olde normal shape, slightly angling down at the edges.
I'll add red lipstick later when I'm leaving the house, and will feel a lil rockabilly.

Here's a little pic of my 15 month old "blogging assistant", he's climbing on and off my lap, having a suck, bringing me books and toys, and generally being cute and snotty. The best accessory a mama can have. His bro is engrossed in a Bosco DVD, the tv veto is over while I'm occupied with this, and we're singing "Upside-down Town" with the tuneless duo of Grainne and Frank. Anyone remember them? I used to love Philip, my first crush! (RIP though).
Nee x


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