Monday, 29 October 2012

Licking an eyeball

Today Noah (15 months) woke up from his nap in the sling, rubbing his left eye against my nipple while feeding. He was doing this for ages before I noticed, and he rubbed it with his fist too once or twice. So what did I do? As any mama will tell you, no kid of any age is going to let you look into their eye, much less poke something into it to clean out the fluff/eyelash. I tried getting my nipple up close to squeeze milk into it, hah, we were vertical, was never gonna happen. He was fretting and obviously uncomfortable with it, so I did what came naturally; I licked his eyeball. I pulled his head into me, as if to kiss him, then slid my tongue across his eyeball, from the outside to the inside. Did this twice and this seemed to clear it. A while later there was a teensy piece of fluff on his inner eye, where the goo collects.
An eyeball tastes salty, smooth, and small in this case.
Just thought I'd share!

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