Friday, 5 October 2012


I just had to share it with you, and this is confidential info, as my other half doesn't even know yet.
No, there's no baby No. 3 on the way, it's just that we're going to Tenacious D on Saturday 20th October in the O2!
The O2 is special to us (even though I hate its name) because our first night out after Charlie was born was to see... feckin' can't remember their names now. Brothers... American... sing songs... Funny surname... three brothers if I remember correctly... Followill is the name... Kings of Leon, yes that's them. Jesus, call me Mildred and put me in a home, I'm losing it!
So we went out to Kings of Leon, high on champagne (it was a big deal, getting out without baba!), me squeezed into a pre-baby denim mini, and danced our asses off. It was spectacular, I had a beer (grape with the grain etc, I know) and we drunkenly tried to get into the VIP section, with no plausible story, very sad indeed. I got a t-shirt and still have it (must find it) and felt oh so rock 'n' roll for a while, which kept me going through the intense first period of mothering.

So this will be the second time we go to the O2 together, this time with 2 kids in tow (never would've seen that coming, but needs must...) and I'm just SO excited! We LOVE Tenacious D. It took a while to get into them, as in about 3 listens to the album, but once I got over my issues with profanity in music  I fell in love with the irreverence and the spectacular rockin' tunes. My favourite quote is "out of the side-hatch, with the oils and perfumes, and incense".

Charlie's seen Kung Foo Panda, and School of Rock, so he'll be stoked(!) to see Jack Black in the flesh, and I fully intend on indoctrinating him into the music beforehand, sans profanities where possible.

Update, Barry just phoned, and I told him the news:
Me: "Guess what?! We're going to Tenacious D!"
Barry: "With who?"

Not even "Yay! Brilliant! And can we bring the kids?"

I'll now post a song list of the only album I know of theirs. If another one has come out I'm gonna have some serious swotting to do in the next 2 weeks. A Red Hot Chilli Peppers gig in the 90s was shite for me because they played every damn song from One Hot Minute or whatever, and I was only familiar with Blood Sugar Sex Magic and What Hits!? I haven't been to a gig in so long, I can't remember who it was, but I love them. It's just the best night out.

Anyway, a quick Wiki of the D gives us:
Album: Tenacious D (2001)

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Tenacious D, except "Friendship Test" by Bob Odenkirk
1."Kielbasa"  3:00
2."One Note Song" (skit)1:23
3."Tribute"  4:08
4."Wonderboy"  4:06
5."Hard Fucking" (skit)0:35
6."Fuck Her Gently"  2:03
7."Explosivo"  1:55
8."Dio"  1:41
9."Inward Singing" (skit)2:13
10."Kyle Quit The Band"  1:29
11."The Road"  2:18
12."Cock Pushups" (skit)0:48
13."Lee"  1:02
14."Friendship Test" (skit)1:30
15."Friendship"  1:59
16."Karate Schnitzel" (skit)0:36
17."Karate"  1:05
18."Rock Your Socks"  3:32
19."Drive-Thru" (skit)3:00
20."Double Team"  3:10
21."City Hall"  9:02
Total length:


So we're going to have some issues here. I did NOT like the film The Pick of Destiny (though only saw it once, found it facile and rubbish generally), and I see there's Rize of the Fenix too, that's 2 new albums to get familiar with. It's a task, but someone's gotta do it. 

Who gives a damn anyway, one beer and I'm anyones these days, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it whatever the music's like.

I must keep in mind this is Charlie's first concert, and make it one to remember, and set the precendent for the rest of his life. Thank god I didn't fall for a Jedward or similar, though I do love the dancing duo, I've enough of them in the car without seeing them in the flesh, and I can think of better things to do with my money. Such as the D. Do you know them? Do you care? Will you discover them now I've mentioned them? Go on youtube and listen to "Tribute", "Wonderboy" and "F**k her gently" if you are so inclined. I dare you not to love the music, the chord progressions and the pure fun and joy that comes across in their songs. 

Yes, it will be a great night out indeed. 
Now, what will I wear?


  1. Hilarious, I can completely feel your giddiness! I don't know any of the music but Jack Black is one of my bizarre crushes, along with Dougal McGuire and Ellen DeGeneres. My husband despairs.
    Have fun! x

    1. thanks Jennifer!
      wow, you have eclectic tastes! of those 3 I'd probably go for Ellen, she's in the best shape;)
      will come back and fill you in after the gig!
      n x


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