Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Lunch

Not my picnic, but nice nonetheless

A packet of crackers, a bottle of red wine, some hummous, cheeses, ripe tomatoes, salt and pepper - that's all it was. The four of us out in the sun, on a quilt I made three years ago while Charlie crawled all over me and it. The baby on my lap, dipping his cracker in the hummous, and sucking it off, spitting out rinds of brie, breastfeeding. Charlie grinding pepper onto crackers to be covered with "ched-her" and listening to me reminisce about wine and cheese picnics in pre-baby times. The record player playing Bon Iver, the soundtrack to my first pregnancy. Then Barry picked up his guitar and strummed a few tunes, while I fed a half-sleeping baby, my clean clothes covered with hummous, Charlie strolling back inside to watch tv and me enjoying the wine, the sun, the company. My favourite people, my favourite place. Bliss!

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