Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Trick or Treat!

"Trick or treat, trick or treat, give us something nice to eat
If you don't we dont care, we'll pull down your underwear"
Or so the saying goes.

It's funny how the threat of public humiliation can elicit goodies from complete strangers, but it seems to have been working for years, so why argue.

In ye olde days of the 80s, I remember stepping into the hallways of complete strangers and being made to recite a party piece, a poem, a song...a jig I'd learned in school. A 2 or 3 minute performance might earn you a bag of squeaky home-popped popcorn and an apple, or a lolly, or even a mini bar of chocolate. They were hard times, sometimes you'd get a handful of monkey nuts.

Now of course it's all changed. Kids won't be fobbed off with the savouries, they want sweets, piles of sweets, and keep 'em coming. Today's little brats will throw your plain biscuit back in your doorway and scream for the "good stuff". If you have any sense you will just leave a few kilos of chocolate outside your door, and not answer it at all this evening to the savages.

To appease the hoardes this evening we made cupcakes, lots of cupcakes:

Last year they got scoffed walking down our path, so this year I've made the kiddie's ones (left) individually wrapped, so they can put them into their loot bags. Those ones are blue vanilla sponge with cherry buttercream or white chocolate ganache toppings. (Avid readers will realise the cherry buttercream was leftover from a previous baking session, frozen, and used here, quite smugly may I add.) The ones in the foreground are chocolate with milk and white chocolate ganache toppings. I want to make friends with the parents, so these are for them. The monstrosities at top right were decorated by two enthusiastic youngsters, and will probably be eaten by them too. I don't think I'd let those cupcakes out in public.

But that's not all. Trick or treaters tonight will also chance their chubby paws in our spooky coffin lucky dip!

Inside are chocolate mallow eyeballs, lollies, bags of jellies and crisps. The bag is lined in quilted red satin, and is actually a drumstick bag. Pretty cool, and this is it's first time being used in the four years we've had it.

We had our 6 year old niece Anna to stay last night, and did the whole malarkey, apple bobbing, apple on a string, halloween quiz (thanks National Geographic website) and spooky disco (Ghostbusters theme tune, The Monster Mash etc). As they didn't sleep until 11 I figured there'd be some sort of lie-in, but no, 7.20am it was. Five in the bed, and the little one said "Mama, I want my own space" at about 2am, but there was no escape for him.

I asked them some questions about Halloween:

What's fun about Halloween?
Charlie (4 years): "Cuz you get loadsa goodies and you get to play halloween games and have a disco and have all the fun what you can't believe"

What are you dressing up as?
Anna (6 years): "I'm dressing up as a cat, cuz you're going to dress me up and do my fake nails and do my face painting, aren't you?" (Yes, after I shower, dress the baby, dress the boy, make lunch, hang out the clothes, tidy the kitchen and hoover the hall so the neighbours don't see the mess tonight)

What's the spookiest thing you've seen this h
Charlie (shouts): A GHOST!

Anna: Em, let's see, a vampire, cuz it can drink your blood!

They're now watching Lordery Headburns (as Charlie calls Audrey Hepburn) being wooed by a man twice her age (Fred Astaire) in Funny Face. Anna dressed in a neon pink ballroom dancing dress, Charlie in a clown costume. Noah's still waiting for a nappy, I've just scrubbed wee out of the rug.

Hope you're all having a fun day, enjoy the festivities, and hang on to your knickers!

Niamh x

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