Monday, 26 November 2012

A morning in the life

My berakfast cuppa

We're definitely staying home all day today, so I thought I'd do a day in the life.
8am Charlie wakes up, is brought downstairs to watch cartoons (Nickelodeon) with Dada
They eat eggs and brioche and drink tea (Barry)
9am Noah wakes up shouting for Dada, we go downstairs to see them. I'm bleary-eyed and wondering how can I get the tv off. I drink tea, give the last brioche to Noah, wonder what will I eat. Drink a huge mug of tea, watching loud tv ads for toys nobody's going to get this Christmas, but they all want.
I've got a blocked duct since 36 hours ago, and am mildly worried about it, but am making sure to keep the breast emptied and massage it hard while they're feeding. Massaging it while they fed through the night has left me more tired than usual.
9.48am Dada left the dining room door open when he left for the dentist, so Noah wanders out and up the stairs. He shouts for me, I go to collect him, thinking he's probably half-way up, but he's all the way up. I follow him into their bedroom (hah!) and he shows me a dog, a light and a horse, doing the signs for each. We bring down the dog and horse, I bang his head on the wall as we go downstairs, he doesn't notice. Charlie's dug into "Fairly Odd Parents" and I tell him this is the last cartoon, and we're going to do some activities after.
He loves activities. It could be anything from drawing to quizzes, to doing a workbook or crafting, call it an activity and he's sold. I finish my tea and wonder what am I going to eat. Noah stands 2 foot from the tv, I think about dressing him.
9.57am Tv's off, Charlie is going around with a screwdriver and toy screws pretending to fix things in the house. Noah's asking for a baboo. I feed him and role-play the fixer-man game with Charlie. Decide I'll have toast.
10am Noah is shouting at Spiderman on the mantlepiece, fixer-man is doing stuff for me, ie. turning on a lamp as it's a dark morning. I ask fixer-man to get Spiderman. I'm proper hungry now, heading to the kitchen. Noah falls over a basket and complains for a second. Noah plays with the Batcave, Fixer-man tells me why Spiderman was stuck. I think I need time to myself today, it's been about 3 days since I had some time to work on a couple of projects I have going on, and I need to make some calls. I'll see how Barry is after the dentist.
10.04am I'm putting on the record player
10.27am I've just finished my toast (homemade brown with butter, raspberry jam and banana) and am drinking a fresh cup of tea. I've retrieved Noah off the stairs 4 times while making my toast, agreeing with him each time that people are sleeping upstairs. I'm now playing school with Charlie, he's the teacher, we've learned about Santa, and now are drawing vampires. The record's still playing the same side, I need to change it. I've fed Noah twice and Charlie once. I've put the too-wet polenta loaf I made yesterday in the oven to dry out.
10.35am They've both hit each other, nobody cried. I changed a stinky nappy, and am about to play "guess-draw" where I guess what Charlie's drawing.
10.43am I still haven't changed the record, but have finished my tea. I'm now playing "who am I" with Charlie where we draw a person, put it in a hat on the other person and they've to ask questions to guess who they are. He's drawing mine now. Noah's running around wearing the hat and a nappy, I'm halfway through dressing him. Charlie's lying in my lap and telling me to get off the computer. The blocked duct is mildly hurting me, gonna get Charlie to drain it now. He's getting frustrated at Noah "distracting" him from his drawing, and has moved places three times.
11.39am. We've just finished an apple and some grapes. I played a bit of piano, the boys watched babies talking on Youtube, and then some videos they'd made at the weekend sleepover. I've dry-shampooed my hair and brushed my teeth and feel a bit more human. The blocked duct was getting sorer (is that a word?) so I just had Charlie empty that breast and I massaged it. Now it's worse. Dada is due home soon and I'm hoping to get an hour to myself. Charlie wants to make some ghost thing he saw on Mister Maker and we're going to pretend we're Ghostbusters apparently. The record player is off and I'm loving a few minutes of silence. Noah is playing with a tin bucket and a toothbrush, surrounded by plastic playsets he goes for two everyday objects. He's wearing a clean top.

11.52am Here's my polenta loaf. It's literally polenta stirred into a pot of boiling water with a little salt, and poured into a loaf tin. It didn't set properly last night (too much water), so an hour at 120'C sorted it out. I'm going to slice it and use the slices in a casserole like lasagne. I considered a slow cooker, but as we eat vegetarian meals 90% of the time and I don't cook meat aside from sausages there's no point. I'm just going to use my Le Creuset (Dutch Oven) better. See here for the easy recipe I'm going to do this evening.
12.02pm Need to start living my life today, and stop documenting it! Charlie's cutting out a paper ghost he drew, Noah's playing with some electronic toy that is teaching him to speak in proper RP. I'm off to heat up yesterday's mushroom risotto for my lunch and pick up a clementine that has been mashed into the kitchen floor.
What are you up to today?
Nee x


  1. Niamh - i just have to say i love your blog!! You're so chilled & it makes me feel "normal"! :) Have a lovely day! :)

  2. Thanks Ash! I probably should photograph the clean places a bit more, but then I think "who am I trying to impress?" and don't bother! A tidy house is a sign of a wasted life as I recently heard from a tribal elder! thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. No no dont photograph the tidy places please, it'll only make me feel bad! ;) LOL I tryed for years when we moved in to keep on top of having the house "just so" & then i realised that i was only making myself stressed & putting myself under pressure & for what?! With two boys its never going to stay clean & i realised that it doesnt matter. My time is far better spent learning about the "ultimate Dodecahedron crystal collection" that Bens invented or helping Adam learn to multiple & loving the moment where he says "ah now i get it"! Your honesty has really helped to validate what ive thought for years! So thanks! :) Your boys are lucky to have such a clever mum!


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