Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My fourth fondant cake!

Everything's backwards when you go Through the Looking Glass

Alice wished it was a simple "Eat Me", this was way too confusing.

Sorry for the backwards photos, don't know what happens with this computer.
Yes, I am showing off.
No, I don't care.

In every project I do I reach the stage of "I can't go on with this, it's crap, it's too hard, nobody's gonna like it anyway" but when people are waiting for a cake, you have to push on through. And I'm proud of the fact that I did. So I'm gonna show it off!

This was a birthday/retirement cake for my mother-in-law. She worked as a cashier, hence the cash register, and the beige case is her cigarette case with green lighter. The buttons are in-jokes. The money drawer is a toy one bought especially for the purpose. I sprayed the plastic cash clips with gold food spray as their rainbow colours were a bit toy-like, though you can still see them. The black bit on the side is meant to be the moving belt. Luckily we found out she's 65, not 64, so had to adjust the number before it left the house, and didn't I go and smudge the buttons with cling film trying to wrap it up?!

A bit of cake surgery and painting went on, watched by the husband and brother-in-law, both over 6 foot 2, both towering over me with my brush, telling me to relax, take my time, do it neatly. Not so easy with an audience, so they were banished to the hall to prepare their speeches for the party.

Appa the cake went down a treat, there were jumpings up from chairs, exclamations, and it all got "et" in a flash. They put candles and giant sparklers in it too, for the grand entrance.

I missed the bash, as did more mamas in the family, as kids are not allowed in pubs in Dublin. Oh to be back in Kerry, where kids dance jigs in the pub, parents have a drink, and nobody bats an eye. Not so in the big schmoke. And it's their loss. We had a hooley of our own, with Domino's pizza, a sleepover with the cousin, sweets and cupcakes and real fizzy drinks from real cans. All of which I've just been scrubbing out of the duvet after being regurgitated by my eldest. There was hand-holding and teddy hotel-playing and book-reading and cuddles, and snot and slipping on the slippy floor and spilt 7up on me new floor, and lollies stuck to my cheek, and The Simpsons, and tickles, and chasing, and blogging, and a quiz, and baby-babbling. Oh we had a better time than the adults with their karaoke and speeches and shenanigans and pints, so we did.

How was you weekend?
Niamh xx


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