Friday, 16 November 2012


November, I never saw the point of you.
Just a month to fill between Halloween and Christmas.
Colder, darker, emptier, no birthdays to celebrate.
Everything was more of a struggle, getting up, getting out, getting warm, getting home.

Now I can see your purpose.
You're the beginning of winter, the start of the dark, quiet season.
You strip the trees, dim the lights and tell everyone to hush.
Hush, think, just be still and breathe.
Before the madness sets in, the rush, the building excitement of midwinter holidays,
You, November, remind us it's ok to be peaceful and calm.
It's ok not to have fancy shows of colour and plumage.
Brown, grey and white can be just as pretty.

You remind us to nourish ourselves, to feed our families soups and stews,
To nest, to guard our doorstep against the wind and the rain.
To take stock of what we have, and be thankful,
To enjoy our daily activities, as they are the stuff of life.

No higher purpose than loading the dishwasher, icing a cake.
Tending a runny nose or napping with a babe.
Family and friends we all hold dear,
At November, this stillness time of year.

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