Monday, 5 November 2012

Outfit (& hair) of the week

Looks like my old school uniform, with slightly saggier skin-tone

Note the falling curtain for added romance 
The ole "one-legger",  an endlessly flattering pose
A bit of a weird one for you this week. After nearly two weeks of nursing (and nursing) sick babas I got to go out ALONE to meet a friend for coffee (well, tea and a brownie).
I started with my usual winter foundation of black tights and black vest top, followed by a shirt I normally avoid wearing as it needs to be ironed.

I'm loving shirts at the moment, handy for breastfeeding, flattering to the middle, and above all, comfortable.  Worn buttoned up, with a dressy necklace over it, or under a jumper they're bang on-trend for fall y'all! I've started "thrifting" again (sounds so much better than "charity shopping") and have picked up a couple of men's shirts of great quality and only about 5 euros each. I'm wearing them with leggings and vests, and boots or converse.

I added a skirt I haven't worn since the summer, then bare-legged with a black t-shirt and flip-flops, now with more layers of course.  I love mustard, though it doesn't flatter my skin tone or hair, so I have to keep it away from my face. That's a good tip for any of you who know a certain colour doesn't suit you; wear it on your bottom half or in an accessory.
I don't have specific "summer" and "winter" clothes, nor do I think some colours should only be worn when the sun shines. I layer and wear summer dresses with tights, boots and a cardi, or wear wintery trousers on a cooler summer day. It gives you the best value from your clothes too. Shoes are the only thing that don't really cross seasons well.
So today I needed a warmer layer, but hate jackets when I'm driving because I buy them tight, and therefore can't extend my arms fully! I added a navy cardigan that my sister was giving away a few months ago. I haven't worn it until today, and I like the shirt-sleeves poking out of it, the cropped sleeves of the cardi had me stumped before today.
I chose my hidden-wedge shoes because I couldn't find my black biker boots, but these worked well too. They're so comfy, and I'm delighted to keep seeing the Isabel Marant ones on blogs, so they're still "in" according to the hipster crowd. A great tip I read recently was: if you want to update your wardrobe, just buy new shoes. Yes, trouser leg shapes go in and out of fashion (see the changing trends of: bootcut, skinny, peg leg, flared, cropped and tailored), but shoes are an instant update to any outfit. A great excuse to buy more shoes!

So the details:
Tights and vest: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21, around 22e (Bought totally on impulse, but have gotten loads of wear out of)
Shirt: Next, around 35e (Worn not-so-much)
Cardigan: Free!
Shoes: Aldo, around 75e (worn loads)
Necklace: 3e

I was a bit early meeting my friend, and had a few bags to drop into the charity shop, so of course had to peruse the rails and came out with quite a haul (eek, but some of it is Christmas presents, so that's ok). The necklace caught my eye, it went with the granny feel of my outfit today, and is Connemara marble in gold-plated metal. I love the cold feel of the marble, and Noah had great fun playing with it as I fed him earlier.
Think that's Mercury floating in the background

Oh yes, the hair! The simplest up-style for long hair I've ever found! Part hair from front to back, hold in bunches over your ears, twist, cross on head and pin. Only 4 pins needed, and takes about a minute. I didn't even brush my hair before it, oh, it's the perfect lazy-mama hairstyle and got 2 compliments when I was out!

So that was it, the first "nice" outfit I've worn in about 10 days, hence the photos and the post. It only took 5 minutes and two fails (a denim shirt and a black cardigan went back in the wardrobe) to put together, but made me feel like a new woman. I'm still in it hours later, watching E.T. (crap!) on the sofa with a sleeping baba under a blanket, as my better half does intensive home improvements under my watchful gaze.

Hope you're all well!
Niamh x


  1. Lovely photos. I'm also a big fan of summer skirts over thick, dark tights in winter.

  2. Niamh you are a genius! Was heading out last night and having bad hair and I had read this so thought I'll give that a go. So simple and looked really dressy and stayed up all night with lots of hairspray. I'll definitely be using this hair style more often. Thank you lovely lady :)


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