Saturday, 10 November 2012

Outfit of the week & scarves

It's nearly impossible to take any photos in daylight, the days are so short (especially when you get up at 11am!) so apologies in advance for the photo quality. Just wanted to share my go-to outfit, which I could happily wear everyday, and everywhere!
It's a black long-sleeved nursing dress by Boob, cotton-lycra, and so comfortable. It's their before-and-after dress, ruched along the seams so you can expand and contract and still fit into it. As I put on over 3 stone in both my pregnancies, I doubt this would have fit me for the duration, but certainly the first few months it would have been great. 
It has a flap under the boobs, you pull that up, and pull down the second flap, and away you go. (Quote of the day today was "Where's the lid of that marker, he's written all over me boobs!" but I digress)
The dress was I think 60e including postage, but I have worn it in all seasons, with bare legs and heels/sandals, with leggings and boots, over jeggings like a long top etc, it's just brilliant (no, I'm not sponsored by Boob, but wouldn't say no!)

My leggings are Nike, bought in TK Maxx about 4 years ago, and like all Nike sweat-gear, they wash and wear great (definitely not sponsored by Nike). They're blue leopard-print, cotton-lycra (seeing a pattern here?!), don't bag at the knees, haven't faded, just brilliant. I think they cost about 18e. Today I wore my cowboy ankle boots and a large square scarf around my neck. I was looking for a necklace, but had none to go with the outfit, and this scarf I picked up in a charity shop the other day and hadn't worn yet. It's a really soft cotton, folds down to nothing, and has blue, white, red and pinks in it. It was 1e. I bought some vintage polyester ones at the same time, real granny-style ones from the 70s, but they're not so comfortable, so won't get as much wear out of them. I'm not a scarf-wearer generally, I hate the constant rearrangement, and am inclined to be strangled by them, thanks to a baby or two. But I love scarves, have about 20 of them, and always think they look really chic on other women.

Desperate to get into shot, my husband timed this really well, note my non-plussed smile

And a 4-year old had to be included too
So my neck-scarf doubled nicely as a hairband when I was loading the dishwasher:

Then I reminded myself of a fashion icon, namely Kirsty Alley in Look Who's Talking:

Love this diagram of 28 ways to wear a scarf:

These days, on the days I wear make-up, I'm just wearing foundation, mascara and a bit of eyeliner under my eyes. Today I wore purple eyeliner, which made me look like I hadn't slept in a week. Which I have (if you noted the 11am wake-up), but nearly 3 weeks of sick, coughing babies feeding ramdomly all night has taken it's toll. Some days I go to the shops with yesterday's mascara still crumbling under my eyes, and I just don't care. That's the days I've got out of the house. So on a day like today I'll take some photos to celebrate mama not looking like Gollum.
And I can't wait for The Hobbit film! I love Martin Freeman ever since The Office, he's such a perfect choice!
That's it for now, ta-ta!
Niamh x

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