Thursday, 1 November 2012

Poet Paul Tubb

A couple of weeks ago we had a fantastic afternoon out, courtesy of our local library (Walkinstown) and poet Paul Tubb. We had seen the poster a week or two before, and were all on for a poetry reading, but didn't expect it to be so entertaining! He's like a modern-day Spike Milligan meets Roald Dahl, with a guitar thrown in for some funny songs too!

British by birth, but living here for about ten years, his poems are old-school and quirky, using the Limerick form sometimes. At times poignant, at times rude, at times clever, at times downright hilarious, his delivery was great, and all the kids were kept enthralled for nearly an hour. At one stage the door opened and two little boys outside stood smiling listening to a funny song. I left there singing one of his songs for the rest of the afternoon, something about a rock'n'roll worm if I remember correctly. Though he wasn't selling books there officially, I badgered him until he sold me a copy of Dublin's Lesser Spotted Creatures link here. This is brilliant, using places around Dublin and describing some hilarious inhabitants. Paul's own illustrations decorate the book, and they are as quirky as the poems. It's really refreshing to read such irreverent humour, which comes from an original-thinking mind, and is easily accessible for children of all ages. Charlie is only 4 but was kept interested and involved, and though some of the vocabulary was beyond him, he still loved the rhyme and the pacing of each poem.

If you are looking for an unusual stocking-filler and want to broaden your child's reading skills, or inspire them to start writing their own poetry, check him out!

(Not sponsored by him, just a fan!)

Paul's website link is here


  1. We think he is brilliant, too -- but he is our number two son!!!!

    Thanks for your great write-up.

    Pat & Paul Tubb.

  2. Great to hear from you Pat and Paul! You must be very proud! Thanks for reading xx


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