Sunday, 18 November 2012

Superhero cake!

Every cake I do is my favourite, and this is no exception.
This was the most fiddly by far, but I've mastered the rolling-out of fondant, and realised my cling film roll makes a great non-stick rolling pin. As the birthday boy is a fan of many superheroes, this encompassed the hot favourites, and Charlie was so excited all week helping me google ideas, and advising me on colour schemes etc.
I made a trip into a cake decorating shop in the city centre yesterday, and instead of buying pre-dyed fondant, which doesn't keep if you only need a little, I invested in some gel colours to dye my own. These are really concentrated, and should last years. I love the creative process of designing the cake, baking it, mixing the icing, constructing it, and hopefully getting to eat some of it too. I never have the full idea in mind at the start, just a general shape and theme, and loads of ideas, which get funnelled into the finished product.

The sponges inside are two-fold: one is a sandwich with blue colouring in one layer, and vanilla flavouring in the other, a little grated apple for interest (and a vain attempt to add a healthy aspect to the whole thing) and sandwiched with apple jelly. The other is a deeper sponge, with sprinkles in the mixture, which add little dots of colour and crunch. Between the sponges and fondant is buttercream (my all-out favourite - I'd live on this if I could)
We were invited to the party, and all dressed up in spiderman suits, little and large, but Senior Spidey decided he wasn't in the party mood in the end, so we just delivered the cake.

For the uninitiated, the top green layer is Ben 10, the second red and gold is Iron Man (gold food spray painted over yellow fondant), the grey layer is Batman (retro, with utility belt) and the bottom is of course Spiderman.
The layers didn't sit exactly right on top of each other, as you can see, due to miscalculations, but I'm pretty proud of it anyway. It took as long as 4 cakes take to make, I've realised 'tis not size that matters, but theme, for time-consuming effort-ness. But I was able to use the same coloured icing in more than one place, and the marbled base was an after-thought, but uses the last bits up nicely, while tying in all the colours.

Next on the list is a Batcave cake, apparently, and a Barney one for the baba. Just a little one, but I'm interested to see how making a purple fondant works out. And I've been waiting a while to put a knife into Barney's head.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


  1. Impressive cake! But even more so is how you manage to find the time & energy. As a mum to only one 18 month old sucker it's a 'hats off' from me.

  2. Hi Niamh, any chance you would share your icing recipe? I'm under pressure to make an excavator cake for my soon to be 4 year old - I've got the yellow colouring and tried it with some ready to spread icing but it doesn't take the colour well. x


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