Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Today we...

Today we...
lit three candles
walked to the shops with a baby walking along beside us
watched "White Christmas"
window-shopped online
spilt buttons all over the floor
discussed a wooden puppet booth
ate polenta lasagne
ate yoghurt with honey and muesli
dressed a puppet in baby clothes
peeled three clementines
made banana-cinnamon pancakes
opened a new tin of golden syrup
cleared out the vegetable drawer of the fridge
met a monster
watched a baby tap-dance
picked out a Christmas present
picked up a boiling hot pot bare-handed
drank decaf chai tea
made many trips to the loo
wiped some bums
watched a toothbrush brush every wall for a half-mile
read a book cover-to-cover in the early hours
cuddled under a blanket
laughed and played as a family of 4 for a good hour
fried an egg
bought a magazine
ate sweets
looked for bananas
ventriloquised (?!)
found a sweet
invented language
painted in the dark
opened all the windows
planned fun times
missed a girl
rooted for more sweets
felt relaxed
felt tired
got patted by a baby
tried to sell stuff
fell over

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