Saturday, 8 December 2012

Babybubble (Noun, pr. bay-bee-bub-bl)

I'm sure I'm not the first to use this word, and I won't be the last.
The babybubble is where you are if you:

Don't know what time it is
Don't know what day it is
Don't know what month it is
Don't know what season it is (I actually had to think hard today, was wondering were we in February)
Don't know where your phone/keys/wallet are
Don't really care about anything outside of your children and your little family
Don't really care what "the world is coming to"
Don't need to know what political party is in power, sure aren't they all the same
Etc, you get the drft.

You are hormonally programmed to focus on your young. Nature makes them your priority, that's how our species has survived. I can't tell you who's reading the news these days, but I can tell you who just pooed in their nappy, they both have different poo smells. I can't tell you what day of the week it is, but I can tell you which boob is ready to feed from next. I know who's happy, frustrated, tired, needing to run off some energy, getting bored, needing a cuddle, wanting to play. Not just from looking at my boys, but from hearing their breathing, sensing their bodily tension, picking up their vibes and non-verbal cues as much as observing and hearing what they're saying. That's not a special skill, it's a mothering skill. And that's what the bubble is all about.

Did you hear about the suicide today?
The what?
Bubble is shattered.
Listen to the story, get back in bubble.

La la la, bubble bubble, trip to the park, feed the ducks, bubble, bubble, breastfeed, bubble bubble, playdate, bubble, talking about kids, bubble bubble, la la la, drink some wine, bubble bubble, go on Facebook, bubble bubble, people arguing about how other mothers feed their babies, priorities - people, bubble bubble, hot port, bubble, chips, bubble, loving this bubble, car insurance needs renewal -

Out of bubble - trying to focus, find paperwork, get quotes, shop around, pretend you've a better offer, find bank card, make calls, all done, back in bubble.

Bubble bubble, walk to shops, bubble bubble toil and trouble, someone's crying, breastfeed them, bubble, phone a friend, bubble bubble, spend some money, bubble, plan Christmas, bubble, la la, eat lots of chocolate, watch Mary Poppins, bubble bubble, lovin' this bubble, put out bin for collection, bin not collected -

Out of bubble, no credit in account, no online banking, lots of phonecalls, send me a PIN, never ring it through, pay bin charges, pay extra so don't have to do this for another few months, never set up online banking, back in bubble,

Bubble bubble, Facebook's great, bubble bubble, la la la, order some chips, bubble, dance to a song, bubble bubble, find a doll in a Christmas fair that I love, bubble bubble, etc.

That's how it is these days, for me anyway.

Niamh x


(Never used a hashtag before, is that the right way to do it? Does it not count if it's not Twitter? Am I cool now? Would you take me for 29? Please? I'm finding wrinkles in odd places.)

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  1. Hahaha... Love it! :) Am right there in that wonderful bubble with you! Who wants to be in the "real world" anyway!


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