Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Home Comforts 1: Home Bar

As there's not much outdoor activity these cold days I thought I'd start a series called Home Comforts on the blog. It's inspired by a Facebook group I'm in, and I love the idea of nesting for the winter.
As we recently de-cluttered for the Christmas decorations, I took a few photos of one of my favourite features in our home - our bar!
Barry designed and built the whole thing for us, and it was completed the month I got pregnant with Charlie, so there was not much bar action for the next year or so! We're trying to use it a bit more now, and it's a bit of fun. I stood behind it the other night, pouring out hot ports from the earthenware pot above into the goblets, and felt like Madame Rosmerta in Harry Potter.
The bar is made from glass bricks held together with wood, and topped with a curvy L-shaped wooden piece that he painted gloss black. The bar is L-shaped and sits into the alcove nicely. We (he) recently had to dismantle it when we had the floor sanded, and it didn't take long to put back together. The trickiest bit was calculating it all when he was first making it.

I love old soda siphons, and got the above one in a charity shop for about 5e a few years ago. The red sequinned bottle is Absolut vodka from Tesco a few Christmasses ago, and I love the vintage playing cards in red leatherette case, about 1e in a charity shop, they come on holidays with us every year.

The red lamp base and green shade were both thrifted for less than 5e each, and flung together out of necessity, but I kind of like them together. The red crystal heart minaudiere (clutch bag) was half-price in a sale a few years ago, and used to only make an appearance every Valentine's day, but I've started showing it off, as dinner dates are kind of a thing of the past for the moment. It has a gold chain strap that can be worn over the shoulder / tucked inside the bag when not in use.
We're loving this prosecco from Lidl, about 6-7e a bottle, and is really easy drinking. It mixes lovely with syrups too for a Kir or Bellini.
We've got a lot of bar paraphernalia - cocktail shakers, glasses, drinks and mixers, etc. The next thing we (Barry) has to build are some shelves behind it along the wall to hold all the stuff. He assures me this will be done soon...

Had to show you our latest bargain, it's the red rug here, a fiver only! Barry queued up for Bargaintown's sale last Friday and got this! It's a silky shagpile, and has pinks in it too. We all rolled around on it for the first day, Noah especially loved getting it between his toes.
That's all for now, kettle's whistling at me so gotta run,
Nee x


  1. Love your room! Meant to go out earlier to stock up on that prosecco, before it went up by €1!


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