Thursday, 6 December 2012


I'm already cringing writing this.
The feminist in me, the girl who didn't change her name on getting married, who has her own bank accounts, her children carry her family name, who ran her own business and who swore she'd never "give in" to traditional roles, finds herself at home full-time with two children.
Do not call me a housewife, unless it's tongue-in-cheek.

I do, however, love making our house a home, making it smell nice, feel nice and be a happy colourful environment for our boys growing up. A few of the little things I enjoy doing:
  • I make sure we have comfy, cosy blankets to cuddle up in on the sofa. I have made some, crochet and quilted, some are fleece baby blankets, and one cot duvet. They are folded in a pile in the daytime, and thrown over us when we watch movies / tv, or used for games. Since we had the carpets removed, we've used the blankets more, as cushioning while we play games on the floor, or for picnic lunches.
  • I have scented candles we light on darker days and every evening in the autumn and winter. I just bought a gorgeous Apple Cider Yankee Candle, which smells like mulled wine, and really gives a Christmassy feel to the room. The perfume really travels, scenting the whole house with spicy goodness.
  • Our record player plays music from days gone by, at the moment we're listening to the Mary Poppins soundtrack, earlier we had Max Bygraves singing Christmas songs.
  • A pot of stew or soup bubbles on the cooker every second day. I cook enough for 6-8 portions, and freeze the extra, so we're not eating the same thing 2 days in a row.
  • Cakes and cupcakes are baked here twice or three times a week, for ourselves, for visitors, for presents. The smell of baking really warms the house, and I'm adding mixed spice into everything at this time of year, it smells divine!
  • We cook pancakes or muffins for breakfast, or scrambled eggs. Today's pancakes were made with 2 eggs, a cup of cornmeal (polenta), a cup of self-raising flour, a cup of soy milk and a cup of whole milk. Me and the boys had them with Nutella, Barry had grated cheese and ham. The leftover batter made pancakes for our tea, with more Nutella!
  • Hot chocolate is a requisite on colder days, made with soy milk for the boys. I'll sometimes deviate and add a bit of spice to it, or chilli for us adults. Charlie rarely drinks his but he loves the idea of it, and helping to make it.
  • No minimalism here, everything we bring into the house has to be beautiful, colourful and comfortable.
  • Our children are welcome in every part of the house, there are no out-of-bounds areas.
  • We regularly read books in our cosy corner / on the sofa / in bed.
  • Making models and crafts are part of our days. At the moment Charlie's making a chocolate factory from a shop-bought set. Though I suspect it'd have been finished ages ago had he made it from scratch. 
  • The tv is on when we feel like it, usually in the evenings. We'll watch a DVD in the daytime if we're tired / sick / it's too rainy to go out. Disney / Pixar remain firm favourites, also old Hollywood musicals. 
  • Laptops are on and off throughout the day, the odd online game is played, a pre-school literacy/numeracy one usually. Technology is enjoyed in moderation, not to be feared or vetoed - no fuss about it means it's not a forbidden fruit. 
  • The piano is getting lots more use these days - we're playing and singing lots of songs about Santa.
In short, I'm conscious that I'm creating a world for my boys, a welcoming, warm environment where they grow up feeling important, loved and safe. I hope their earliest memories include these little details, and that they have a secure basis before stepping out into the wider world.
I'm proud to be a home-maker, and a feminist too.
Niamh x


  1. The feminist in you chose to be a homemaker and that's the best kind of feminist - one who chooses what's best for her and her family. Own it, mama :)

  2. For me, choosing to stay with my kids is the biggest feminist thing I've ever done. It's like we're almost not allowed to choose to stay with our kids &/or be a homemaker


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