Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our wedding anniversary

Seven years on we're still laughing late at night
The last seven years since we married have been the most crazy, fun-filled, hectic, loving, challenging and amazing years of my life so far. In the month we married we also bought our house and I started my business, three huge moves that changed life as I knew it. In the last 7 years we have renovated this house, birthed two children into it, travelled, created art, had parties, had heart-to-hearts, argued, cooked, worked, made a home, made new friends, learned, and a million and one other things. No matter what the day brings, I know I will curl up in bed next to Barry and my boys, and share sleep with the ones I love the most.

With loving Barry comes huge freedom for me. Freedom to be myself, to follow my dreams, to be who I always dreamed of being. He supports me in everything I do, big or small decisions, he's right behind me.
He's the first person I ever met who has accepted me for me, and loved all my quirks and idiosyncrasies.
We met in the Spring of 2000 and fell in love so quickly, I knew within the first two days I was in love with him, well, I could honestly say from our first night together I knew I'd found my soulmate. He felt the same, and proposed to me on our 5 week anniversary, and it was no surprise to me - we'd been talking about marriage from the start.

Family members christened us John and Yoko, as we spent most of our first years together in bed. People got used to coming into our room and chatting to us sitting on our bed, and we didn't bat an eyelid.
We grew together, shaped our careers together, became the adults we are today together. He has helped me release my fears and trust in the goodness of this world. He has shown me how to laugh at myself and how to follow my gut instinct.

Being parents together is hard, as we were so all-consumed in our love for each other, now sharing our attentions with two little boys means we have less time to be gazing into each other's eyes. We're still working on making that time every day to connect, just the two of us. But I know we stored up so much love and built such a strong foundation together in our pre-child years we are going to get the balance right. And when I see him loving and caring for our boys, I feel his love for me, it's a circle of love, it doesn't matter who he's holding or kissing, we all benefit from the love shown to each other.

One of the most wonderful things about having children with Barry (and I'm still over the moon that I got to marry him, let alone have children with him!) is to see his features in their faces, growing and morphing with time. The cheek creases when they smile, the little chins, the handsome smiles, they get the best of his features and make them their own, and it's beautiful to see.

No matter how busy Barry is he always finds time for romance. Even this morning, heading out for a big challenging day, he had time to wake me with a bouquet of roses, a beautiful card, a framed photo of our wedding (our first framed one, would you believe!) and the makings of a champagne picnic for two, which I'm looking forward to sharing with him tonight.

He really is Mr. Perfect, and I still feel so proud and lucky to have found him. I would live in a cardboard box with him and still be the happiest woman on earth. We basically did live in a cardboard box for 3 years (tiny bedsit in Rathmines) and we laughed and loved there as if it was a palace. In Australia we camped and lived out of our car for months, and had such a laugh, days when eating 10c sachets of instant mashed potato with beans was "dinner" and pizza was a feast. He is modest and humble, and will be mortified that I've shared all this here, but I think it's akin to shouting it from the rooftops, which seems fitting today.

So, Barry, thank you for making my life a real-life fairytale. I feel like skipping around and singing like Giselle in Enchanted when I'm with you. Though I'm not wearing my big pink wedding dress daily, I might as well be, because I feel like I'm in a Disney cartoon most of the time. Thank you for running with my craziness, and bringing it to a new level of craziness, thank you for joining me on this amazing adventure, and being my rock and my honey, my huckleberry friend,

I love you,
Nee x

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope the flu has lifted and you can enjoy your night! Beautiful wedding shot, so full of happiness.


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