Monday, 3 December 2012

Outfit of the week

This week I've been wearing my denim cut-offs with opaque tights and boots a LOT! It's a nice alternative to jeans, and as I can't get a pair of jeans I'm comfortable in, it's my only way of wearing denim on the bottom half and still being able to go about my day in relative comfort. I wear the cut-offs with Ugg boots around the house / out for a walk, with Doc's or with these hidden wedge trainers for a little more lift.

It's a really good base for an outfit that you can dress up or down. The stripy top above is a really classic style, it's one of three items Boob design recently sent me to try out. I love it as it's something you could pair with navy trousers and loafers for a formal look, or as seen here with denim it's the perfect top for a playdate, lunch out or an afternoon Christmas shopping! Heck, I'd even wear this top with a navy pencil skirt and heels in a retro/50s way with red lips and a ponytail. It's the Pablo top, and also comes in white and black stripe, for a Breton/Audrey Hepburn look. Get it here.

I changed into this Boob hoodie for a walk to the shops, and by Jesus, my boobs have never been so toasty warm! To misquote Tenacious D "Kielbasa sausage my boobs is warm" has been in my head all afternoon. (Replace "boobs" with "butt-cheeks" for the original lyrics.) I wear Noah on my front in a Boba carrier, and he usually feeds non-stop, and has a nap, so my boobs are out for the 1-hour round trip. Recently in this cold weather I've been wearing a scarf to try to keep my chest warm while he's feeding, but I hate fiddling with scarves, and can't see Noah properly past it / the fluff annoys him. So I was the smuggest breastfeeding mama on the block today, lifting the fleecy warm flap, pulling down the inner layer and feeding while staying warm. It's a total revelation. All Boob's nursing clothes work this way, with the double flap for easy access. Find it here.

Now to the piece de resistance!

This will be my Christmas day outfit, it's their before and after dress with nursing access. It's in ink blue/red and also comes in black/pearl. It's got ruching down both sides, so is super-flattering to pregnant and post-pregnant figures. I love the long sleeves, so you don't feel like you're baring too much flesh. I got this in black last spring, and it's the only dress I can wear anywhere and everywhere. Dress it up with tights and boots/heels, dress it down with converse or sandals in summer. Find it here. For Christmas I've gone and got myself some ankle boots to go with the dress, really great ones that I'm excited about, but supposed to forget I ever saw them so I'll still be surprised on Christmas day.

I find Boob clothes wash and wear really well, not losing their colour or shape no matter how many washes they go through. More than once I've found my black dress at the bottom of the dirty laundry pile, stinking with old breastmilk and covered in chocolate / crumbs from sticky hands ( hands) and I think "Crap, this is never gonna recover", but washed and dried it's good as new. My husband also loves how it shows off my curves... we don't need to share any more than that!

So, if you're in the market to treat yourself this Christmas, or making a wish-list for your other half to work off, here's the link to Boob Design's site.  Swedish labels are really "in" now, as they seem to get cool and stylish designs without being frumpy. They have an outlet section which is always great for a bargain too. Size-wise I'm a 12 and 5'6", and wear a medium.

What are you wearing in this cold weather?

Nee x


  1. Gorgeous clothes, but blinking heck they're a bit pricey, like most nursing clothes really, which is a shame. Clothes look great on you!

  2. Hi Clare,
    Yes, they're more expensive than similar non-nursing clothes, and I'm a thrifty gal, but this brand I've found are worth every penny. I've been breastfeeding 4.5 years non-stop and have very few specific nursing clothes, but am realising nursing is easier and more comfortable (and warmer) with these items in my wardrobe. Check out the Boob outlet, it's got great reductions. Thanks for the lovely comment!
    Niamh x

  3. I've just read this post again via a link on today's post. Anyway, I went ahead and bought the dress with stars. It's great, it washes well, is slimming, it's so comfy, and it's the first time I've worn a dress in ages (I'm a "been breastfeeding for years" like yourself). I will probably wear it even when my little one is weaned.


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