Thursday, 13 December 2012

This week... update

This week has been a beautiful winter week:
Walks in the cold sunny air
Breaking thick ice in puddles
Snuggling in blankets watching tv
A baby molar making an appearance after a few weeks wait
Baking spiced carrot cakes
Two boys on my lap shouting "Baboo, baboo, baboo" and laughing
Going through old photos
Bought a Christmas tree
Way too much children's television
Eating curries to clear this cold
Dancing to MC Hammer
Getting slobbery baby kisses
Sending and receiving Christmas cards...

There is a debate on homeopathy going on at the moment in a Facebook group I'm on...
I just want to share my two cents here:
Charlie and Noah get lots of colds throughout the year, usually one or two in Spring, a small one in summer, one in Autumn, and two or three in Winter. It sounds like a lot, but I've read that between 6-12 per year is normal in young children. We've never been to the GP with them over the colds, I know how to manage it, lots of rest, breastmilk, and homeopathy if needed.
The usual way it goes in Charlie is:
He'll be paler  than usual for a couple of days, sometimes develop a cold sore, he then complains of being too tired to do something. Then the fever appears, lasting a day or two, sometimes 4 days if it's a bad one. The fever comes and goes, and is worse at night. He goes off all solid food, preferring to breastfeed. He'll sneeze and have a runny nose, and cough with the phleghm especially at night. His chesty cough causes him to vomit, once, twice, sometimes 4 times in a night, he then breastfeeds back to sleep each time. He gets a wheeze in his chest, and his breathing becomes laboured at night when lying down. He gets better within a week to 10 days from the first start of the symptoms.
This started in Charlie at the age of about 19 months, I remember holding a muslin out for him as he vomited and said "Lali ick" (Charlie's sick) and asked me "La' ok?" (Is Charlie ok?).
I was never unduly worried, as I'd usually know who he'd caught the bug off, and sometimes rang the mother to check how it ran. But the wheezing was worrying me, I was googling "childhood asthma", cutting out dairy in our diets for the duration of the bug, and getting a little concerned, enough to be looking for a GP in advance of the next cold.
Then I googled a bit and found a homeopathic remedy called Hepar Sulph. This was about 6 weeks ago when Charlie had a cold and was wheezing badly. My better half went out and scoured the local pharmacies and health food shops and came back with the prized remedy. Whaddya know, it worked. Within ah hour or two the wheeze disappeared, and the cold ran it's course with no wheezing. That was the only change we made.
About 4 days ago Charlie caught another cold, I gave him the Hepar Sulph the first day, and though he still got the fever for a day or two, and the sneezing and congestion, there has been no coughing or wheezing. This is the first cold in 3 years that hasn't turned into an upper respiratory tract infection. I totally credit the Hepar Sulph for that. It's such a huge relief not to be lying in bed at night wondering should we call a doctor, and listening to a wheeze that is almost a new language in itself, so complex was it.
I don't advocate googling and self-prescribing homeopathy, as it's a specialised area. I've had some consultations with homeopaths and feel I've researched it well enough to do this. A homeopath looks at the whole picture, not just the physical symptoms, but the emotional ones and this holistic approach supports the body's natural immune system.
Just wanted to share that. I'm a complete sceptic about homeopathy, as I mentioned in my previous review here, but it's working for us, and it's where I turn when I need it, and I'm never disappointed. I know medical professionals who use it, and if they turn to it despite having all the allopathic medicines at their fingertips, that's good enough for me!

On a lighter note, I'm off to see the Hobbit today! I've been looking forward to this for ages! My handsome husband surprised me with a ticket to it the other day for our anniversary, and it's for a VIP seating area where popcorn and a beer/wine are included in the ticket price. I'm never one to shy away from a drink, and I'm looking foward to my own company for a couple of hours, and may even get a bit of Christmas shopping done too! Woo-hoo! Now, what to wear...
Update: home from The Hobbit, t'was great! Now we're decorating the tree!

Nee x


  1. My experience exactly Niamh, and same remedy I use for my 15yr old son who gets a barking seal cough once, sometimes twice a year. He has never been to a Gp or received an antibiotic. I think that's pretty impressive. He was bf for nearly 5yrs, so I attribute his amazing immune system to the all the breastmilk he received. I would be a sceptic as well, but my feeling is if it works then there's no harm in trying homeopathy.

  2. Thanks Jane!
    It was a real revelation, and I'll never be without it from now on. What really impressed me was that I gave him one dose at the start of the cold, and it;s still working nearly a week on!
    I'm very impressed your son has never seen a GP/had an antibiotic! His immune system must be amazing, like a real-life superhero, especially with that duration of breastfeeding! You are a role model for new mothers!
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! x


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