Monday, 21 January 2013

Home Comforts 2: Tea!

In this second Home Comforts post I'm going to introduce you to my drug of choice, caffeine. If I don't have a large mug (or two smaller) of tea in the morning, with a spoon of sugar, I am not fit for anything.  Today it's been snowing, so we got dressed in our snow gear and legged it out to the local park for snowball fights/slush puddle splashing and mini-snowman-making. To say I was cranky on arriving home is an understatement. I hadn't eaten or drunk anything since midnight, and it was then 11am. Tandem-feeding makes me so hungry and thirsty, and the low blood sugar is a killer. Hence the cranky mama who pulled off wet trousers and wellies from boy's legs and ran for the kettle and the toaster.

This teapot I mentioned in a previous post - it was a wonderful 2.50e in a charity shop spree years ago. It's even come on picnics and holidays with us, so much do I love it. The mug was cheap somewhere, about 3e, and I love the flower design, but hate the small base. It's harder to balance on the sofa when watching tv ("Get a side table" you say helpfully, we have one, it gets knocked over and used as a steering wheel).

A short post today, I'm about to make more hot chocolate and get stuck into the Tangled Wii game which just arrived on the doormat a minute ago. Hope you're enjoying the snow and you can have some hot chocolate wherever you are!

Nee x

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