Monday, 28 January 2013

Home Comforts 3: Popcorn

I could happily eat popcorn in place of most meals, I prefer it to any amount of chocolate/sweets. The internet has a gazillion popcorn recipes, and I'm not going to go googling them for you, I'm too lazy right now. I'll just tell you how we're eating ours.
I made a batch cooked in sunflower oil, and Noah has it plain.
Charlie usually gets it plain too, but today he asked me for "The salt that you get in the cinema that makes my lips hard", so he got a mild shake of salt.
For my pig-sized trough I melted butter (a bit too hot, it turned brown, let's pretend that was the plan), added some Maldon salt, fresh thyme from a plant I haven't killed yet, and grated over some parmesan. It's great!
I also love kettle corn: cook as normal, but when the first kernel pops sprinkle in a tablespoon of sugar, keep shaking it until done, and salt as usual. I could eat THAT all day. Cinnamon and butter have been joining my popcorn in the last week, and that's amazing too!

Noah just came over and started helping himself to my popcorn, damn, I think he's realised he's getting the raw deal taste-wise. I've given him popcorn (baby sign: "pop-pop" - fist opens twice as you say it) since he was about 10-11 months old, I used to bite off the scratchy kernel bits and just give him the white puffy bit which he gummed and swallowed. He's never had a problem eating it, and has a good few molars now, so I consider him game for anything.

The large popcorn box is from a Euro shop, and the smaller came I think from TK MAXX years ago.
The lovely brown bowl is Mason Cash, from a wholesalers, but I think they are in some kitchen supplies places too, I got it for about 7e, and I'm so pissed off it's chipped. I use it for everything from holding fruit/veg to mixing up cake and pancake batter. The only problem is finding somewhere to store it.

(And by the way in the cinema I eat either half sweet, half salted mixed together or salted with peanut M&Ms thrown in.) Well, that's my popcorn post, how do you eat yours?
Niamh x

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