Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Jobs I have had - list

I don't think anyone will ever pay me for my digital art

Au pair
Summer camp instructor - dance and drama
Substitute teacher - primary school
Summer camp director - dance, drama and acting
Toilet block cleaner*
Telesales operator*
Silver service waitress*
Irish Dancing teacher
Substitute Music/English/French/Spanish teacher - secondary school
Substitute Maths teacher - secondary school (that was short-lived!)
Private French tutor
Lecturer on "Teaching drama to children" for teachers in training
Jazz dance instructor
English as a Foreign Language teacher
Toy shop assistant
Craft sales assistant
Stage school director
Vocal coach
Special needs assistant
Recorder teacher
Musical director
Cafe waitress
Drama teacher
Resource teacher
Ebay seller
Market seller

These are all jobs I have been paid for, even if sometimes I earned only 20e!
*These were jobs I had in Australia
What's your list like? I'd love to hear!
Niamh x

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