Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

  • Get out in the fresh air more
  • See more of Ireland, especially the places we can drive to from home
  • See more of my friends
  • Make more time for the hobbies I love
  • Keep working on the projects I've started, and actually get them to a finishing point
  • Keep taking my vitamins regularly (Your health is your wealth)
  • Wear sunscreen? Not sure I really want to, but I know I should
  • Keep blogging, 'tis a fine thing to do
  • Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative 
  • Live fearlessly
  • Stop making so many lists

Shorter than previous years, and includes no intellectual goals, save the creative ones. I've given up wanting to learn obscure languages I'll never use and other such lofty goals.
It's all about living the best life you can, so when you're on your deathbed you don't regret wasting any time / energy on stuff that didn't matter, isn't it? Can you sum that up in a Latin phrase for me and I'll get it tattooed. No, not Carpe Diem, we all know that one.
As the years seem to speed up, and the days repeat themselves at a quickening pace, I realise it's time now to get into the habit of smelling the roses, as at this rate I'll be 70 and barely dressed each morning before it's night-time again.
The Armchair Philosopher speaks!


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