Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Outfit of the week

That is a genuine sticky-fluff beard he's sporting. Worked on it all day he did.
This week it's back to business as usual: playdates, meeting friends, fun and frolics. I'm desperate to catch-up with people and re-join the land of the living, but trying to do it in increments so we don't over-stretch ourselves. Anyway, today was a lovely walk in the drizzle (no, really, lovely!) and lunch in a friend's. I wore something comfortable, and new, which is always exciting!
Iggy Pop, you gotta love that ol' lizard

I layered a band t-shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt for warmth, pulling up the band shirt and down the neckline of the long-sleeved for breastfeeding. My jeggings were inspired by seeing Mary Portas in a similar pair on tv, I love the colour! They are still dark enough to flatter, but bright enough to lift the other items. These jeggings are the only piece I bought in the January sales this year, only 13.89e. I can see me wearing them all year-round, with a white blouse and heels for a summer occasion, or Converse and a t-shirt for a playground afternoon. I bought the size 14 (L/XL) as I wasn't too sure about the post-Xmas bulge, and I figured right. They fit perfectly, high waisted, elasticated waist, bit of a stretch in them, and real back pockets. They were from, and shipping was free, happy days! They are still available in a number of colours, get yours here.

I layered my trusty oversized grey cardigan over the lot, this closes over Noah in the sling, and keeps his extremities toasty. The scarf was a euro in a charity shop a few weeks ago! It doubled as a blanket over Noah as we walked in the rain, though he fended it off with a little fist whenever he noticed it.
My little footling breech
Too Bros-ette-ish?

To be perfectly honest these boots attract and repel me in equal measure. I was never a Bros fan, and there's something about the shine and the buckles that is a little scary. Edward-Scissorhands-scary. But I also love them, and feel they will give an "edge" to any outfit. I've seen them styled with floaty summer dresses and they look brilliant too, so will give that a go when the weather heats up. They are inspired by Chloe's "Susanna" boots which were on all the slebs feet two years ago. I'm late to the party, but hey! I saw them on some fashion blogs I follow, and they were my Christmas present to myself.

I'm wearing:
Navy long-sleeved t-shirt, 7e
The Stooges t-shirt, 12e
Grey cardigan, 15e - all H&M (old)
Cobalt blue Jeggings - Vero Moda via Asos (new) 13.99 in sale
Scarf - thrifted, 1e
Oxblood socks - TK MAXX, 4e
Nighthawk boots - Office, 70e in sale
This is now his favourite game, the fringe-pulling is the worst.
I've given up trying to photograph myself alone, as I think I said recently, so you will have to get used to the odd limb of a child in photos. Hope you can still make out the outfit!
Nee x


  1. Hi Niamh,
    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago while googling "EC parents Ireland" looking for like minded people. I've loved reading about your parenting journey and really respect the choices you make. I had my first baby six months ago and just gave up work to continue the attached breastfeeding etc link I have with her. I would call myself an attachment parent (if labels have to be used) but find that this label brings some should i feel bad for making some conventional choices like vaccinations and pureed foods? I am curious if you embrace any of the conventional/accepted practises in your childcare? Rachael W.

    1. Hi Rachael, What's a label? Who's asking, and who's categorising? Every family has to make the choices that suit them best, and you don't have to explain it to anyone, nobody should be judging you. Life is a pick 'n' mix, you could be 80% AP, and that might be perfect for you! I tried EC and abandoned it after a year because it wasn't working, I use disposible nappies, and I still consider myself AP. I don't know anyone who's 100% AP. There are no medals/badges given out, the truth is nobody out there really cares how you are raising your children. If you have happy healthy children that is your reward. Stop giving yourself a hard time! And thanks for reading my blog! Hope you're enjoying your new freedom as a SAHM! xxx

  2. Hi Niamh,

    Love the blog! x


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