Thursday, 24 January 2013

Outfit of the week

Bye-bye pink hair!

This was an outfit I wore to lounge around (clean, tidy and cook actually, thank you very much!) the house the other day. If you watched my Primark/Penney's Haul Youtube video you'll have seen the top and joggers. If you didn't watch it here's a wrist slap ="\-_ (I've got copyright on that, 'k?)

Here's my smug sideways pose
And the boob shot

This was last Monday, Ireland's official two-yearly snow day. The excitement got us up and out before 11am, making a snowman, scraping snow off cars for snowballs, generally exclaiming about the wonderfullness of nature. Charlie asked me twice was it real and Noah poked a finger into it but deemed it too cold.

I wore:
Grey top: 8e, Penney's
Charcoal joggers: 8e, Penney's
Khaki cardigan: 7e, Penney's
Hidden wedge trainers: 70-odd euro, Aldo (old)
Navy hat: 5/6e, Dunnes (old)
Parka: 77e, Next (old)

Very comfortable, very warm, very washable and very cheap - the perfect outfit!
And I've been trying to wear less black around the house if possible. In these short dark days I'm conscious of the colours around us, and think even a grey/khaki is more uplifting than black. Just a tip. (she says sitting here in mostly black today!)

Niamh x

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