Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit of the week

Sure what else would you wear at the driving range?
The peplum trend had passed me by until I got this, it hints at it without being too "peplum-y". What a word.

Cowering in the corner to show off my boots. That is not leather sheen, that is mud.

The bag is navy, but came out purple in the photos. 

This was my outfit from last Saturday, a windswept day for which I wore a totally inappropriate top, just because I wanted to! I inherited this black lace blouse (Awear) from my sister-in-law, and since I don't have any evening occasions to wear it to, it came out for a day of outdoor fun! And I wrecked my boots in the mud, I've been trying to wipe off the mud, but the baby wipes leave fluff in the studs, not a good look.

We spent the drizzly grey windy day in the local driving range, playing a bit of crazy golf too, then it was off up the mountains to the animal rescue centre to admire the animals and toy with the idea of getting a pet. (Decided we've enough poo to be cleaning up as it is).

We packed a picnic of cheese and tomato sandwiches, crisps, and a flask of tea and another flask of hot chocolate, all of which fit into my new Sporthouse backpack! I had one of these in college and loved it, the quality is great, and they're a small Irish business. They sent me out this one to review and I'm delighted to say the quality's as good as I remember, and they've added a small inner zip pocket with key holder. I'll be using this cycling once the weather warms up a bit. Get yours here.

I wore:
Red bra: Hotmilk c/o Cup Cakes Lingerie
Black lace blouse: Awear - a hand-me-down
Black stretch jeggings: TK MAXX (old)
Khaki cardigan: 7e Penney's
Boots: 70e Office
Bag: 20e Sporthouse

Now we're off to enjoy the sunshine, as soon as Mario releases his grip on my son! (Nintendo Wii addict)
Nee x

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