Monday, 21 January 2013

Penney's Haul video

If you have a spare 18 minutes check this out! I'm sorry it's so long, I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit the damn thing.

A few funny things to watch out for: American accent and inflections, do I normally sound like this, or only when I'm videoing myself?
2. The number of times I insist I'm a size 12, only to hold up an item that's size 16-18 and it JUST FITS!
3. The head-scratching and nose-rubbing, oh, it's all there!

Anyway, enjoy! It's the result of a shopping trip to Mary Street Penney's/Primark yesterday, loads of casual clothes and some cool sunglasses.

I'm on a blogging roll today! Hope you're all well and enjoying the snow!
Nee x


  1. I love Penney's!!!! I love the leggins you are wearing - the faux leather and I too have wonky ears for sunnies!!!! P.S. Loved the sleeping babe and was hugely impressed that he stayed slumbering as you did that.

  2. Hi Niamh,

    Love the blog...avid reader! Glad to know there are other "earth mothers" (thanks friends and family for that one!) in Ireland. I am breastfeeding my five month old daughter and have been trying to get pregnant again since she was two're the proof that you can feed and get pregnant but do you have any idea if it always takes a long time? Thanks, Olwyn S.


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