Friday, 25 January 2013

The internet - friend or foe?

I go through phases of loving and hating the internet.

I'll get comfortable blogging, I'll share more and more of myself on Facebook, Youtube and here, and then WHAM!

Something will jolt me out of my trust bubble
I'll feel vulnerable
I'll wonder whether to remove my blog, all my photos, all mention of my children
I'll wonder about anonymity, and should I have kept all this private

But the thing is there was nobody to share it with
Few friends "got it", nobody does what I do

So I share and I connect and I open and I trust
and my lack of boundaries leaves me wide open to a WHAM!

And I remember the world doesn't see things the way I do,
I remember the hag telling me my breastfeeding is "fucking disgusting"
and I cringe and worry and want to wrap us all in a bubble

But the bubble's lonely, and so I open up again and trust...

Repeat ad nauseum


  1. Hi Niamh,

    "fucking disgusting" ? People suck...sending you milky hugs!

    rachael w.

  2. I closed my Facebook account recently . . I do enjoy the groups etc but I have to wonder, would I get more from spending that energy on engaging with my actual surroundings rather than my virtual?! Time will tell, I may go back . .


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