Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Home Comforts 5: Pin Please quilt

I quickly realised small squares would take forever, so moved onto bigger ones!

In this last entry (phew! says you) of my Home Comforts series I would like to introduce you to the fifth member of our family, the Pin Please Quilt.
The summer Charlie was 1 I decided I didn't have enough to do with a toddling, breastfeeding baby, and I bought a sewing machine. 
I loved the idea of sewing clothes and home furnishings, and this quilt was one of my first projects.

In our gap year in Oz, Barry and I spent a small fortune on a duvet cover and pillowcase set, I think it was 70 dollars, which was about our spending money for a week back then. But I just loved the colours and the large Mary Quant-esque flowers. 
The duvet set came in our backpacks as we travelled down the East coast, and we slept under it every night. That was 10 years ago now, and I love having this reminder of it every day.
I hadn't a clue how to sew a patchwork quilt (and still don't), I just started cutting up squares and sewing them into strips, then bigger patches. The trickiest part was sewing the lining (an old fleece blanket) into the quilt, especially as I didn't edge it. I did three sides, turned it inside out, then closed up the fourth side. Totally arse-ways, but it worked out ok.

The name "pin please" comes from my little helper sitting messing with a box of gold safety pins which I was using to join the layers together. Our game was: I would say "pin please" and he would hand me one. That was it, and the name stuck!

The quilt in action!
This quilt goes with the colours of our sitting room, so it lives on the sofa. It keeps us cosy while we watch tv, it protects little legs from hot bowls of pasta, it becomes a picnic blanket for indoor fruit parties. It becomes a duvet in the "cosy corner" when we pretend to sleep.
It comes out onto the patio on a sunny morning to keep us comfy in the sun, as our baby is too small to sit on the garden bench yet. It comes on car trips and days out, for cuddling in the car on the drive home, or as a picnic blanket again.
It comes on holidays with us, and brightens up a beige holiday home's living room, thrown over the sofa. It comes to the beach on holidays... you get the picture. It is pretty much indespensible. 

It's a polyester-cotton mix, I know because it doesn't immediately soak up a spill, it takes a few seconds to absorb, so I can sometimes get there with a towel in time. It washes and dries like a dream,  wash it in the morning, and you can be under it again that evening. I'm hoping it will last forever, because I love it so much.

That's my Home Comforts series, what are you loving about your home these days?
Please share in the comments below!
Nee x

The back - lazyass just used one piece of material


  1. ...erm, what can you NOT do Niamh?! That is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Colette! I can't do plenty, but I don't blog about that!


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