Saturday, 23 February 2013

I want...

Look at me, checking out what y'all's have got goin' on!

I want Louise's little bum
I want Paula's flatter tum

I want Aine's coffee machine
I want Bev's local green

I want Gillian's sense of beauty
I want Susie's sense of duty

I want Catherine's shiny floors
I want Carmel's stable doors

I want Eva's French connection
I want Al's tattoo collection

I want Lou-Lou's cleaner car
I want Vee's travels far

I want Lauren's open heart
I want Lou's love of Art

I want Neady's sexy heels
I want Lucy's book deals

I want Ciara's bigger space
I want Gwen's running race

I want Paula's music talent
I want Aideen's sense of balance

I want Grace's power-brain
I want Sophie's strength in pain

I want Mairead's "ants in pants"
I want Helena's love of plants

I want Krysia's sense of fairness
I want Annah's punky hair-ness

I want Elle's pouty lips
I want Orla's foreign trips

But I only want my own
Man, and kids, and home!

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