Friday, 1 February 2013

On Ageing

I've been ignoring this for the last year, but it's something I have to face, full-on.
I have saggy eyelids.
Gravity is not my friend.
I will not get surgery, but I will complain, and look into extensive facial exercises, and then get tired looking at the effort involved.
And I will bemoan the way that my winged eyeliner disappears now, when it used not to.
And I will start to shun metallic eyeshadows (shite!) because they emphasise the wrinkles.
And I will watch Youtube tutorials on make up for hooded eyes.

But in facing this new issue, I am ignoring one I just spotted this morning (admittedly after only 4 hours sleep).
The wrinkles under my eyes.
They're a whole new kettle of fish, and I'm not ready to go there yet, so I'll keep smiling to make them look like they should be there.

But I've been consoling myself recently with the thought that, assuming I live into my old age, I'll be wrinkly for most of my life, so wrinkles should be the "normal" state, and youthful skin the gift. Albeit the gift we don't appreciate until it's going/gone.

And I'll start googling beautiful older women, with NATURAL faces, like this:

Even though I'm a good 30 years off her yet.

And I'll begin to think of the vanity I have, thanks in no small part to all the magazines I read, showing stunning 14 year old girls modelling clothes only a pre-pubescent can fit into.

And I'll start to think of the adage "your face or your figure" (meaning that you can choose to enjoy one or the other as you age - if you are heavier, you will have a less-wrinkly face, but a fatter ass, and vice versa)

And I'll start to think maybe I should develop a love of salad instead of cake, so I can be wrinkly but slim as I age, and wear clothes that make me look like this:

Though I hope I'll be smiling. And what a waist!

Though I also think if I'm fatter I'll still dress like an old dame, and enjoy evening wear in the day time, and lots of bright lipstick, like this:

I thougt she was wearing a veil... now I'm not so sure. Did she draw on wrinkles? I'm a bit scared.

And I heard recently that, whatever you bemoan about your body now, you'll look back on with fondness in 10 years. Probably true.

And now I'll stop this vanity rant. Though it's been a good distraction for the week I've had.
Thanks for sticking out the rant. Do you want more? 'Cuz I could go again...

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