Friday, 15 February 2013

Outfit of the week: Valentine's Day

Yesterday I dressed up for Valentine's. By "dressed up" I mean I had a shower. I really wasn't feeling this outfit, I wanted to look flirty and girly. I wanted to wear my white dress with pink hearts, and tights and Doc's. But that's hard to breastfeed out of, so I found myself in this Boob top, which I love and wear about twice a week. The trousers really bore me, but they're the perfect basic trousers to base an outfit around. Once I added the boots and the jacket I kind of liked the whole outfit, and couldn't resist wearing red socks in honour of the day itself.

I rarely carry a bag, still preferring my parka's deep pockets for nappy/purse/phone etc. This bag is heavy even when empty, but I do love it. Everytime I use it I wonder why I don't carry it more, but it's not a bring-to-the-park bag, it's a coffee-with-a-friend bag. So yesterday it was a going-visiting bag, and served me nicely.

The "wag" carry

My usual carry
 My Valentine was working late, so he only got one glass out of the bottle of prosecco (Tesco's Simply Prosecco, my new fave) - and I wondered why I woke up parched with thirst in the middle of the night!

I was going to add "excuse the mess" to the photo above,but I really feel we know each other well enough by now.

Striped Pablo top: Boob design previously reviewed here
Black Jacket: LK Bennett (old) part of a skirt suit, dunno if my ass still fits the pencil skirt, but I loved it for a while, felt like a 1960s air hostess
Beige trousers: Wallis (old)
Socks: Penney's (old)
Trainers: Aldo (old)
Bag: Clarks (old)

Hope you're all well and have a lovely weekend planned!
Nee x

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