Friday, 8 February 2013

Outfit of the week

't ain't easy sucking in and smiling at the same time, this was my third attempt at disguising the muffin top with draping and inhalation.
A crotch shot

I'm officially still in my "yoof" in this hoodie, forgot to inhale

Think this was the fourth attempt, serious shoulder-lift-age here, worked wonders!

"They" say we can again tie our hoodie around our waists, it's "in". (Whaddaya mean you never heard it was out?!)

The half-tuck is the new way to wear a top, apparently. 

The best accessory, a boy up way past his bedtime (what bedtime?)
Here's an outfit comprised almost exclusively of clothes from my last (in more ways than one) Penney's / Primark haul.

It's a light, summery affair, not so warm, but I throw on my fake leather jacket and beanie hat and I'm good to go. The trousers are lovely, comfortable, but an inch too low on the waist, hence the muffin top. I always check the men's section for clothes, and have got some great shirts/t-shirts there. Especially in the sales, there may be clothes a man mightn't go for, so they're still there for us girls to pick up!

White skull print t-shirt, 3e (!)
Navy trousers with white polka dot, 16e
Charcoal hoodie, 14e (men's)
All Penney's
Converse, 35e (old, very old)

Sorry this is a short post. I've just eaten half a black bean chocolate cake, and my brain has turned to mush, plus the kids helped eat it and they're bouncing around, it's 9.50pm and no signs of tiredness. Next time I bake it I'll leave out the instant coffee, that might be to blame.

Hope you're all well, we're (touch wood) well this week!
Nee x

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