Monday, 18 February 2013

Tattoo ideas

I've been looking through some half-written blog posts, but they all bore me at the moment, so instead I'm going to share some ideas for a tattoo I'm getting next month to mark my 35th birthday.
I have this tattoo ("tramp stamp" apparently) on my lower back:

This is very like mine, only mine is all in grey, no highlighter yellow!
I got this a few weeks after meeting Barry, we got tattoos together, a whirlwind romantic bonding thing I think you could say. Mine took ages, hurt like hell, and nearly didn't get finished that day, only I told the guy I'd never be back again to go through that pain. Way worse than childbirth, don't ever compare the two. I like it, but as my days of wearing cropped tops and showing my belly-button ring (gone) and lower back are over, it never sees the light of day.

I've wanted a swallow for about a year, even bought some fake swallow tattoos and have been messing around with them. I like the meaning behind them: freedom, and love watching swallows in flight in our local park. I'll probably get something this shape, maybe at the back of my neck.

I also want something to represent my two sons: a sun and a star, rather than their names.
I love kawaii characters, especially with rainbows:

I could get the sun close to my right boob, the star close to my left, as that's where my boys sleep. Or I could combine the two, one at each end of a rainbow, thus:

I'd also love this Deathly Hallows tattoo, to celebrate my love of Harry Potter:

And the other day I had an idea to get this from the Wizard of Oz, that moment always gives me the shivers:

Until I googled it and discovered Dave Navarro got there first: (over his right nipple)

I might just be content to get it on a t-shirt:

So many ideas, so many permutations...
But I'm loving this mid-life crisis.

Also today I met a girl who I taught 8 years ago, it seemed like yesterday, that really made me feel old. There's something about tattoos that remind me life is short, and not to be too precious about things. A few months ago on an afternoon off I wandered into a tattoo parlour on a whim and wanted to get a small star outline on my wrist where my thumb meets it. They sent me packing and told me a) I'd have to make an appointment and b) they only tattoo that close to the hands if you already have full sleeves or some other crap. 
Where's the rock 'n' roll in that, dudes?

And on a side note we had a rock 'n' roll day today: 2 hours in the sun in the skatepark, sliding down the ramps (the arse is nearly out of my jeans) and then coffee and shopping with my cousin, happy days Nee xxx


  1. Great stuff, i am really getting into tattoos designs and really appreciate the artistic talent of these designers.. i love so them! these are great stuff here..


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