Thursday, 14 February 2013

Toast-based meals

I swear, if our toaster broke we'd all starve!
This week we've had beans on toast for dinner (once), eggs on toast for breakfast (3 times), and tonight are having Nutella and banana on toast for Valentine's dessert!

We buy the Goodness of Both sliced pans, and go through about 2 pans per week between the 4 of us. Gone are the days when I'd just toast two slices of bread, it's always four these days, because, even if someone says they don't want any, they're sure to ask for it once I sit down with mine.

Breakfast for we four is: 6 slices of toast, one each for the children, and 4-6 eggs, depending on our moods. Sometimes these weeks I'll have a lie-in (watching Youtube beauty videos into the early hours causes such fatigue...) and I'll come downstairs and eat the left-over scrambled eggs that are in the bowl, meant for Charlie/Noah. I'll just make extra toast, and eat the eggs cold. I'm so tired I'm not fussy. Then I'll make (!) Bran Flakes for the kids, which for some reason they LOVE, even though they smell like dog food. I suppose it's a crisp food out of a box with pictures on, and cow's milk, which they also seem to LOVE, not getting much of it. Woe betide the day when they discover cereal comes chocolate-flavoured.

Getting side-tracked here, I'm supposed to be extolling the virtues of toast-based meals.

So beans on toast, is just that. One tin of beans, maybe one and a half, 6/7 slices of toast, maybe some grated cheese, and you have lunch / dinner for 2 adults and 2 children. Charlie gets his toast cut into quarters and the beans mashed on, so they don't fall off en route to his mouth (Barry showed me that trick). I HAVE to have my beans separate to my toast, there's nothing more gross than soggy toast under a heap of cooling beans, oozing onto a plate. I put my beans in a separate ramekin and eat a bite of toast and a forkful of beans simultaneously. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Noah messes with quarters of toast, and dips a bit into the bean sauce, sometimes getting a spoon/baby fork of beans into his own mouth. To be honest, I'd rather he didn't so I don't really remind him there are beans there, he makes a god-awful mess. He usually breastfeeds at each meal anyway, so he'll be on my lap and I'll eat around his head. I've rarely held a knife and fork simultaneously in the last 18 months.

Tonight after our defrosted stir-fried noodles (leftover from last weekend - with black beans - leftover from the cake) we had toast with Nutella and banana for dessert. Charlie had a whole slice of toast and Nutella wrapped around half a banana, hot-dog style. Noah had it without banana, and I'm licking the knife and eating the crusts / leftover banana bits. Why do we mamas eat leftovers, rather than a real portion? Don't the calories count if they belong to someone else?! I think that's the case, as with calories eaten while drunk / walking / after midnight.

So yeah, toast... it's handy.
Nee x

PS, Nutella is TOTALLY the good stuff inside Ferrero Rochers, and a WAY cheaper way to get your kicks, so it ROCKS! No, they don't sponsor The Mama's Hip, unfortunately... yet...

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