Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Deodorant stinks!

I'll let you in on a secret: I stink.
My armpit pores are directly linked to my mouth. If I eat a whiff of garlic, I smell so strongly of it, my husband recoils in horror. He won't kiss me. My baby's head sleeps under my arm, and he reeks of whatever I've been eating most days. It's directly sweated out by me as I sleep, and imprinted into his scalp. A little bit of baby-branding, if you will, just so everyone knows he's mine.

So I need deodorant. Anti-perspirant more like. I need an industrial-strength one, one that blocks my armpit pores with something akin to skin cement.

I've flirted with the non-medical kind for a while, on and off. The year I spent in dance college was the best (sarcasm) for it, I was going through a "salt crystal deodorant that you wet before you apply" phase, and to say it bluntly, I stank. It didn't work. I had to babywipe my pits during lunch break in the toilet.

I've been using Mitchum for the last few years:
But I'm concerned that its high levels of aluminium are putting my health at risk, especially as I apply it directly after shaving some days. So I'm looking for a natural alternative.

In the last few weeks I've tried:
Coconut oil - doesn't work
Body butter - useless
Perfume - nope
Honey - ha!

And the other day I had a brainwave! What is a deodorant stick only a glorified soap?!
So after my shower I rubbed a bar of my favourite soap under my arms, let it dry, and went about my garlicky business. The next day I woke up and smelt... nothing. And my baby's head didn't smell either. I was slightly disappointed. I love to smell my stink off of him. But I guess the upside is I don't have to wash him as often now.

And I'm continuing to use the soap, and it's working. How's about that?! Anyone got any other natural ideas to share?

Nee x


  1. I am so going to try that!!!!! Great idea. Mitchum was my go to spray for a while too but for some reason it hated my right pit. Mad wet patch all the way down my side. But hanging my handbag over my right shoulder and clamping it to my side as I raced into work was going to be a tough gig for any deodorant.

  2. Hi niamh! I've just started making my own, I mash coconut oil, baking soda and cornflour together, and then I add some lemon and lavender essential oils. It's working brilliantly! Plus it's very cheap and quick to make!


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