Friday, 15 March 2013

Hair tutorial - heatless curls

All you need are 2 bobbins. Split your hair in half front to back. 
Twist one half of your hair away from your face.
Keep twisting...
Keep twisting, help it curl into a tight bun.
Twist the end in tight...
Secure with a bobbin. 
Do the same on the other side. Or not, if you want a weird look.
Done! Keep them in all night / all morning / all afternoon, at least a couple of hours. 
Do the twists and buns higher up if you want more curls.
Untwist and marvel at your tresses! (Mine were in the lower buns for a few hours, so the curl only really begins at my shoulders)

I love this, it's so easy. You can answer the door / go to the shops and not look like an idiot with a head full of rollers. There's no heat, so no damage to your hair. I usually let my hair air-dry until it's 80% dry before twisting. The bit of moisture makes the curl set better. No styling products needed! For a smoother / more groomed look you could blowdry or brush your hair first. I'm too lazy though. I love it! Anyone else convinced? It should work on shorter hairstyles too, you could pin it into the buns instead of bobbin-ing. Woo-hoo! Heat-free curls!

Happy birthday to me!

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  1. wow, I love everything effortless! and those curls are nice+effortless! I'm trying this trick out tonight!Thanks for sharing:)


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