Friday, 22 March 2013

Keepin' it real

I just had a brainwave. I'm going to sporadically do "Keepin' it real" blog posts, to show you a snapshot of what I'm doing right now.
I feel like my last post got a bit "oh, we do this..." and I don't want people to think it's all educationally worthy activities here. So I'm going to share the reality of a moment right now:

Charlie's jumping on the sofa watching Sponge Bob. He's just had a glass of ginger ale and eaten some sweets.

Noah's just had a nappy change (I left his poo there while I made tea and toast) and is having a baboo.

I'm in a grandad cardigan and fake Uggs, I change out of my decent clothes the minute I get into the house.

We're eating a snack (dinner) of white sliced pan toasted with butter. I did the homemade curry for lunch, so I feel I've done my bit for health today.

I'm drinking ginger tea with raspberry syrup and a slice of lime.

The pooey nappy is at the door of the living room. There are 3 more dirty nappies inside the front door which we walked past today, we're good at ignoring them.

Charlie's just asked for a second glass of ginger ale, and he did the cute smile so I said yes.

The house is relatively clean as we had visitors yesterday, but upstairs hasn't been hoovered in months. I think Christmas? Our hoover is broken and we're not running out to get it fixed, that's how we roll.

That's all for now. It's tv and food then bed,

Have a lovely evening everyone.

Nee x


  1. Your day-to-day life sounds lovely Niamh! I wish I could be as relaxed and laid-back as you. Are things ever stressful in your home? I have 3 boys, 6, 3 and 6 months, and things are often chaotic. I find myself snapping and shouting a lot even though this is NOT how I want to parent! Do your boys ever have meltdowns, and if so how do you deal with it??

  2. Thanks Anonymous reader!
    Yes, with two small boys things are often chaotic, as you well know! When I sense a meltdown is imminent I distract the child, or help them out to avoid it where I can. I find getting in there and resolving / helping early on avoids major tantrums, and then I always have the boobs to calm them down too!
    I never raise my voice, I did once and Charlie (then 3) got such a fright and I felt so guilty I've never done it again. Similarly I've been sarcastic in temper a couple of times, but Charlie's reaction made me realise I was being so petty. I've got lots of ways to diffuse my tension when I'm feeling it - getting outdoors is the best one, even into the back garden. I put on a cartoon and leave them watching it while I go have a cuppa, or run a bath for us all, or go on Facebook for a while, whatever reconnects me to "me" again, not just "mama". I've loads of "rants" and "burnout" posts on my blog - you should check them out to see my state of mind when things aren't going so well.
    What really helps me too is remembering we're on the same side, they're never "out to get me", they just get frustrated sometimes.
    Here are some articles from a great website that may help you. It must be stressful having a new baby with two older boys, I hope you get some head space soon xx


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