Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day, to every female out there, mother of children or not.
I've been thinking about women, ladies, girls, whatever, and the nurturing we do for each other.
Mothering is by definition a female thing, men are certainly capable of caring and loving, but mothering is particular to women.
We don't have to birth children to be mothers. We don't have to reach a certain age to do the work of mothers in society. Mothering is what women do for each other when they look out for each other. Mothering means supporting, encouraging, listening, loving, accepting, celebrating, holding.
Mothering is embracing another human, loving them unconditionally. Mothering can happen between women, or it can be a one-way road. Mothering does not have to happen from an older woman to a younger, it can be the other way around, or between peers.
Mothering is what makes us feel loved and cherished. Mothering makes the world go round.
So happy Mother's day, to all ye who mother, whoever is the recipient of your love, it makes their day, their week, their year.
To all my friends, the "real-life", the online, you readers who take time out of your day to read my thoughts and validate what I say with your caring words. You all mother me in different ways, and I wish you a happy Mother's day.
Nee x

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  1. I'm late reading this but that was beautiful - makes me feel so proud and priviledged to be a mother, daughter, friend, sister, woman!


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