Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Operation Detox Final update

Hi everyone, this is my final update in the Operation Detox series. I've been at it for 4 weeks now, and I have some lovely changes to report:

My joints have eased up this week a LOT - I've almost totally cut out tomatoes and peppers from my diet, and cut back on potatoes. I'm drinking the (gag) cider vinegar every day, and I'd say it's a combination of all this that has helped my joints.

My skin is looking so much clearer. It was my birthday last week, and we definitely partied hard in terms of food and alcohol. I got a huge spot on my chin because of this, but overall my skin is looking plumper, smoother and just better in general. I'd attribute this to the clean water we are now drinking. It's been a month since we got the reverse osmosis filtration system, and it's the best thing we ever did for our health. I use the filtered water for cooking as well as drinking, and I have no worries about lead/chlorine/fluoride as I know 99% of them are filtered out. Visitors have commented about how our tea has no metallic taste anymore. It's such peace of mind. If anyone is interested in getting a system like ours I'd highly recommend www.ewtechnologies.ie. They are offering my readers a special discount - only 250e for a 5 stage reverse osmosis system, fully fitted and guaranteed (usual price 350e) - the upkeep is even better value now as they are offering the annual filter change at 90e instead of 120e. Phone Oliver Ginty at 01 8855055 - they are nationwide.

I mentioned this week I drank alcohol quite often, but I'm glad to say I had no side-effects. The most I drank was the day of my birthday, I'd say I had 10 units over the course of the day and evening, but I had no headache / hangover the next day. Around Christmas I realised I was getting the hangover before going to sleep, so I cut way back on alcohol. Now I presume my body is handling it better, maybe because my system is working better and is less toxic in general. Not that I'll take this as a green light to go ahead and drink more often, but it's nice to know it is metabolised better. One downside to the drinking is that my stomach feels bloated, and the clothes that were hanging off my hips last week are back to fitting me snugly! I hope this is just temporary.

This week we have been eating more home-cooked food. We had a couple of large bills arrive on the doormat (gas, anyone?!) and have scaled back a bit on our grocery bills to compensate. I cooked a lot from store-cupboard ingredients, making pizzas, soups and curries. I have the habit of buying lots of groceries without working off what's already in our cupboards, so I'm trying to use up our mounds of pasta, couscous and pulses before buying more. It meant that some days we ate the same food for lunch and dinner, but it worked out fine. I don't mind buying fresh fruit and veg every few days, but I'm determined to get through our stores of the non-perishables before buying more.

My sugar cravings are basically gone, I can take it or leave it, and don't NEED it like I used to. I baked a cake for my birthday, but one bite and I was wincing at the over-sugary-ness of it. It's still in the fridge, but will go in the bin. That is a big change, I'd have finished the cake in 2 days before. I think it's the cider vinegar to thank for this. I feel like I don't get the highs and lows that I used to (only after eating a large amount of carbohydrates). So I'm not craving anything to give me a rush anymore. Nor caffeine. I'm still at 1 cup of tea a day in the morning. I did have a cherry Coke (partaay!) one day, but I could just as easily have had water to be honest. I've also gone off fruit a good bit, I'd much rather snack on homemade guacamole and crackers than grapes now.

I've gone off cheese a lot. I remember I'd eat most of a block of cheddar with crackers and wine. Now the thought of that is a bit gross to me. I'm still eating cheese on pasta and pizza, but not in the amounts I used to. Before we may have gone through 2 blocks a week (I'm talking the big cheddar blocks that are about 6 inches long). Now we use about 1 a week. Charlie doesn't like cheese, but Noah loves it in a sandwich, so he's eating it nearly every day. Ditto butter, as we're using olive oil and coconut oil for cooking, the only butter we eat is on toast / sandwiches / baking.  We're using less than a pound of butter a week, which is a big drop-off for this house.

I'm trying to detox my mind a lot too, in the evenings I'm not spending hours on the laptop any more. This means I'm actually reading books again, which I really missed. I'm seeing more of my friends in real life, so I don't feel the need to be reading up on Facebook until 2am anymore. This year in general I want to engage more with people, entertain more in our house, and boost our social lives a bit. For the last year or two I've been meeting people in the daytime, but I miss evenings of chat and drinks, so I'm going to organise more. This week as soon as the snow stops we're going to build and plant our raised beds in the back garden. I hope to have some crops of fruit and vegetables to eat later in the year.

Overall I've loved this Operation Detox process. Every one of the changes I made I intend to continue. This was not a month-long crash diet / detox process. It was the start of a healthier lifestyle, and I'm already seeing the benefits. Have any of you been inspired to do something similar? Please let us know how you are getting on!
Nee x

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