Monday, 4 March 2013

Operation Detox Week 2

You're never too old for acne, but mine's cleared up a LOT!

This week I've been a lot better in terms of eating healthily, prompted by the increased pain in my fingers from my psoriatic arthritis. I googled dietary triggers, and found this article (arthritis diet) in case any of you want to read up on it and see what to eliminate, and what to eat to manage your conditions. I'm taking flaxseed oil capsules, to help with the joint pain, 3 capsules a day, and I haven't seen an effect yet, I know it takes a week or so to kick in. I also bought cider vinegar today, and drank it with honey and hot water (Gag! Picture a tequila slammer with none of the fun after-effects). This is an age-old cure for arthritis and loads more, but takes a few weeks to work. You're supposed to drink it 4 times a day, but I think I might manage once or twice, and build up my resilience.

This week I cut out coffee. Gone. I was nearly at the 2-cups-a-day stage, so I scaled it back to one cup for a day or two, then cut it out. I did buy decaf instant coffee, but it's nowhere near as nice, so I'm just drinking one or two cups of tea a day. I'm still eating sugar, yesterday I had 3 Oreos, some pancakes with Nutella and 2 mints, plus honey in hot drinks. But at least I can recall how much sugar I had, before this I'd have had so much I'd never have been able to remember. I've cut out sugar in tea and coffee this week, which I've been taking for the last few years, so that's a big saving on sugar.

I'm drinking more water too, about 3 glasses a day in addition to my fruit/herbal teas. I'm used to the new clean taste, and the absence of metallic flavours. I bring it with me in a bottle rather than buying water when I'm out and about. I don't need to add any dilutable juices to my water, which is also saving my sugar intake. If any of you Irish readers are interested in getting a reverse osmosis filtration system like the one I have, Oliver Ginty at EW Technologies has kindly offered my readers the price of 250e, (including installation - a saving of 100e)! Just phone him on 01 8855 055 and tell him you are a reader of The Mama's Hip! The filters cost 120e to replace annually, and I can vouch for their superb customer service, polite and prompt.

I know I need more vitamin D, sunlight is still in short supply and I'm not taking supplements. I also want to start stretching / doing some sun salutes and getting a walk every day. My head cold has me with low energy, plus Noah has a touch of it and is having a developmental growth spurt, so is feeding a huge amount this week and not really interested in solids because of his cold. Despite that I had a couple of walks (alone, woo-hoo!) and a few periods sitting out in the garden while crazies bounced on the trampoline, so my mood was instantly improved those days.

This whole experiment is not a month-long detox, then back to the old ways thing. I'm seriously cleaning up my lifestyle permanently. I still had an Indian take-away and a fab Japanese meal out, but the rest of my meals were home-made from scratch - soups, curries, salads etc. I'm feeling lighter physically so I may have lost a couple of pounds already (don't own a weighing scales) and I'm not "bet" into my jeans anymore, so that's a good thing. I think eating a bit better has eased my bloating, I see a difference in the mirror definitely.

So, marks out of 10 this week for effort... em... 5. I've still been eating sweets and crisps, and not enough water / fruit or raw vegetables, and need to exercise daily, not every third day!

Any of you making changes this year?
Nee x

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  1. Hiya Niamh. My mother drank cider vinegar and honey for years! I mean years for crippling arthritis. She had a sports bag full of meds and it was the vinegar and honey that worked in the end. She is a very young 60 and this was about 15 years ago. She still gets phone calls from people looking for the "recipe". Stick with it!!


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