Monday, 11 March 2013

Operation Detox Week 3

This week I'm over my cold, taking my B vitamins and eating well, so feeling energised and better all-round. I'm catching up on sleep. A few long walks (why do I do the 2 hour round-trip every few days, why not just 20 minutes daily?) Also surprisingly a few evenings drinking, and no hangovers! It's like I'm 21 again - without the unlined forehead though.
Every day I'm drinking a tablespoon of cider vinegar and honey, sometimes with hot water to blend it, and raspberry syrup to try and mask the taste. Oh my god, does it ever get easier? It strips my throat, burns my stomach and makes me shudder and gag. I'm enduring this to try to improve the pains in my fingers from early onset arthritis. I still have stiffness and a bit of aches, but the isolated pains in particular knuckles are definitely easing up. And I'm not waking up feeling the pains. They're there if I think about them, but they're not commanding my attention. What a roundabout way of saying the pains are getting a little better!

I've had a few pyjama days, but also got out walking a bit this week. I'm still wearing Noah in the sling on my front (he won't go on my back - no baboos there!) so I'm basically weightlifting as I walk. One day I put him in the buggy for a walk for the first time ever. And of course he's looking for a boob on the way home, shouting "Baboo mama, baboo now!" It was drizzly and rainy, and we were still 15 minutes away from home on a busy road, so there was no way to feed him. I went into a shop and bought him an apple which kept him happy until we got home. True story. (I just realised how boring that was. But it was something new, usually it's baboos in the sling, so this was all new to me.)
I'm cutting down on tea a bit more, and still off coffee. I now drink only one cup of tea per day. I'm not even drinking decaf coffee. I've stopped sugar in my tea too, though I got it today for a Mother's day treat! I still miss sugar in my tea...
I'm drinking more herbal teas. I bought some lovely dried fruit teas in a Polish shop recently. One is rosehip, the other is forest fruits. They even have dried apple and fruits in them as well as dried petals and unidentified bark/woody bits. They taste nice with honey, but are a bit like drinking pot pourri, a little too heavily scented for me. Actually pot pourri might be a good use for them... Or is that a bit too '80s? I'm thinking they might be better iced in summer.
We're planting things now for the summer, all indoors on the windowsill for now. I'm doing the odd few lemon and apple pips and plum stones, as well as herbs, avocado stone and pumpkin seeds. Barry's going to build raised beds in a couple of weeks when the weather is better. We have loads of old wood in the garage, and an unused concrete path that gets a bit of sun, so I hope to have maybe 20 foot x 2 foot of planting space soon. I bought seed potatoes, onions, carrot, peas, broccoli, beetroot etc. This will be our first year really planting with intention, so I hope to learn loads and harvest at least a little for us.

This week I tried oil pulling using coconut oil. Oh my god, I don't think I'll ever do it again. For those not in the know, it's an ancient practice where you swill oil around in your mouth, sucking it through your teeth, for 20 minutes. The idea is that it draws toxins out of your bloodstream, and helps detox the body, as well as improve oral health. You're supposed to do it on an empty stomach. I did it after a hot chocolate, which may explain the resulting nausea that I suffered for a few hours. I found having a mouthful of oil really nauseating anyway. I really commend anyone who can do it, and would love to hear if any of you have had good results. I love the idea of it, wish I could get 20 minutes uninterrupted to do it, and maybe need to try a different oil. Maybe I'll give it another go...

I made a loaf of brown soda bread, a 2lb loaf, and ate most of it myself in the following days. I love it with butter and raspberry jam. We do go through a lot of bread (the Goodness of Both is our favourite) and I'd love to cut it back a bit, or switch to eating my own bread instead, as it's yeast free and lower in gluten / higher in fibre. Trouble is the soda bread doesn't toast so well, it crumbles too much...
I'm using more lemons in cooking, squeezed into and over rice dishes. I love lemons, I ate them like oranges while pregnant, but forget to buy them usually. Charlie loves home-made lemonade, and likes squeezing the lemons, so I'm buying more, and we're getting more vitamins that way too.

I've gone off cheese and fruit a lot this week. I used to be able to eat most of a block of cheddar with crackers in one sitting. Now the thought of cheddar makes me a bit sick, it's so claggy and cloying. I'm using paneer and tofu in curries, and eating lots of vegetables like fennel instead of going for gloopy pasta meals. I'm craving fresh and clean foods, and nuts too for the first time in years. I'll now snack on almonds and dried cranberries rather than sweets in the evenings. I barely recognise this, and am hoping it's a permanent change of tastes, not just a fad for healthier stuff.

I'm making the effort to drink pure water, a couple of glasses a day, and bring a big bottle out in the car for drinking when out and about. This has definitely made a difference to my skin. And I'd guess that my improved hydration has given me a better tolerance for the alcohol! The offer is still open if any of you in Ireland want to avail of the great offer on a reverse osmosis water filtration system like the one we got installed. Just phone Oliver Ginty at EW Technologies, telling him you are a reader of The Mama's Hip. You'll get the under-sink system fully installed for 250e, saving 100e. Phone 01 8855 055. (Filters cost 120e annually to have replaced).

So I did better this week, and seem to have more energy, am fitting better into my clothes which is always a bonus. I'd rate my efforts 7/10. I'm looking at a half-eaten pizza, and we had takeaway chips, but these are now treats, not standard fare. Woo hoo!

Any of you joining me in detoxing a little?
Nee x

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  1. The thought of oil pulling turns my stomach for just the reason you said - I know it's supposed to be super good for just about everything, but I struggle with gargling salt water FFS!! Tried the cider vinegar thing once too, never again, I prefer being chubby to evil tasting shite!!!!


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