Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Purdy darn good (if I say so myself)

Old fruit punnets and a cut-down water bottle will house the herbs (hopefully)

Today was pretty good for the following reasons:
  • We went on a HUGE walk, all 4 of us, in the fresh (polluted) air, for about 2 hours round trip. Maybe 3 including stop-offs.
  • We bought receptacles for planting seeds. We're growing our own this year. (Cat - it's "The Good Life!")
  • My baby is over the hump of his cold, think it's the Hepar Sulph kicking in
  • I made 2 loaves of brown bread (it's been months...) And some butternut squash cupcakes.

And I made these date/seed/almond/cocoa powder/coconut oil sweets! 
  • I made a curry for TOMORROW'S dinner - ya hear that? ORGANISED!
  • I realised tin food cans are pretty with the labels removed, so I've got 3 washed and waiting to be used for planting fruit pips.
  • I planted herbs for a kitchen herb garden (inside the window on the sill)
  • I feel like Soulemama with all my domesticity
  • I washed frickin' tea towels, people! (That means there were no clothes in the laundry pile!)
  • I hung out a washing! (Sun!)
  • I wore shorts all day (thought it was summery - then froze my ass off and got a sore knee from walking 3 hours in the cold)
  • We found a lovely new cafe within walking distance to our house (The Farmhouse Cafe here- oh my god their cakes, and desserts, and the Gaggia machine just begging me to have coffee, but I'm too healthy for that now!)
  • Fed ducks
  • Wore red lipstick (v. strange sight - freezing-ass mother in shorts with baby in sling, wavy fringe 'cuz it air-dried yesterday, no make-up save some bright red lipstick. Chic I was not)
  • I drank 2 cups of herbal tea and only slightly gagged
  • I'm going off the taste of "real" (ie black) tea as it's mank without sugar. Caffeine is leaving the system.
  • I decided that yes, I am ready to plant Noah's placenta. Big moment, that one. Letting go of his baby-babyhood. 
  • I had energy I knew not what to do with. After a week of feeling crap, tired and sick. Today I was itching to do stuff. 
  • We all ate evening dinner at the kitchen table. Candle burning in the middle, chatting and having fun. Perfect really. 
  • Kids hugged each other non-stop for the half-hour after dinner. Love. Real love.
  • Bedtime fun.
  • Charlie loving Reading Eggs - online reading games for beginning literacy.
  • Less taxing on the baboos now they're eating real food again, and I swear my ass looks an inch smaller from all the extra calories they burned up. Remind me please this is the time to keep on toning up, not see this inch-loss as a green light to pig out on JELLY BEANS and TOBLERONE (oops)
  • I think I've reached a new level of blogging-confidence. I no longer check over the daily stats, I don't really care. I know I'm reaching hundreds of readers, and they're loving it, that's all I need. I'm loving it too. Mutual happiness.
  • I love lists
I hope your day was great too!
Nee x

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